Secretary of Energy Angelo Reyes of Philippines

Reyes has played internationally in Australia.
On October 2, 2007, Reyes was excluded from the veterans roster of the Milwaukee Bucks and released because of failing his physical due to injury.
On July 1, 2008, hours before the team was scheluded to travel to Europe, Angelo Reyes was excluded after not establishing communication with the directives.
Reyes was replaced with Alex Falcón.
Reyes is currently the Secretary of the Department of Energy.
Secretary Reyes was also Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council, Chief of the National Anti-Kidnapping Task Force and of the National Anti-Smuggling Task Force, and a member of the Cabinet Oversight Committee for Anti-Smuggling and the ad hoc Study Group on the Mindanao Situation.
Secretary Angelo Reyes is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy where he graduated in the Top 10 of Class 1966.
Barely five months after NAKTF was created, Secretary Reyes was once again appointed as the Presidential Adviser on Anti-Smuggling on March 10, 2004 by virtue of Executive Order Number 297 to orchestrate and oversee a consolidated national anti-smuggling campaign.
Throughout his career, Secretary Reyes received various awards and decorations from both the military and civilian institutions.
Secretary Reyes is married to Teresita P Reyes with whom he has five sons, Pablo, Angelito, Marc, Carlo and Judd.
Reyes has played with the ABA and the National Superior Basketball League of Puerto Rico (BSN) with Carolina Giants.
Reyes has been a member of the Puerto Rican National Team since 2006.
Reyes was selected Most Valuable Player of BSN in 2007 while playing with the Carolina Giants after averaging 19.
Reyes was a member of the Puerto Rican National Basketball Team in 2006, participating in the Central American and Caribbean Games earning the Gold Medal, and at the World Championship in Japan.
On this tournament, Reyes was second in rebounds per game averaging 9.
On 2 October 2007, Reyes was excluded from the veterans roster of the Milwaukee Bucks and released because of failing his physical.
to cause undue panic and anxiety on consumers.
Reyes is also sure these guys in the parking lot come from suburban East Haven.
Reyes says its time for Latinos not just to rent and shop, but to take ownership.
Reyes is considering opening a second laundromat there.
Reyes has the building on deposit.
Reyes is bring ing this back for the residents of the neighborhood and I salute him.
Angelo Reyes is everywhere man, a Jack of all trades, or maybe Jack of all Secretaries.
angelo reyes has not added any friends.
Reyes has been invited to the training camp of the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks.
Reyes had a monster 2007 season in Puerto Rico for Carolina.
Reyes is the leading rebounder for Puerto Rico's National Team.
that Reyes is simply the wrong, maybe the worst, choice.
turbulence of people power, she said.
MANILA, Philippines, July 16 (UPI) -- The Philippine Department of Energy has signed several geothermal contracts.
Reyes said he got the deal by agreeing to also fix up the building next door: A four-story commercial/residential mix that, according to Reyes, has long plagued the block with drug problems.
Reyes said the building was structurally sound, with heavy trusses firmly planted.
Looking up at the freshly torn gap in the streetscape, Reyes said he didnt quite expect to have to remove the walls in the process.
Reyes said he evicted all the tenants when he bought the building about a year ago.
how can we turn around other "thugs" to become contributing citizens? Reyes is a good model.
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Angelo Tomas Reyes was the Secretary of National Defense of the Philippines under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from 2001 to 2003.
Santiago, an awarded graftbuster, said that if Reyes knew of the application, then he should have stopped it earlier.
I respectfully submit to President Arroyo that Reyes is simply the wrong, maybe the worst, choice.
Reyes is sentimental bric-a-brac who was washed ashore because of the turbulence of people power,” the senator said.
are just a few months away from being energized.
in darkness, especially in the rural areas.
public clamor for his resignation.
Reyes was one defense secretary the US.
no-peace talks, all-out war policy with the NDF.
micro-managing” the AFP and was invisible to the rank-and-file employees.
foreign policy, internal security and peace talks.
Unknown to many, Reyes had kept in touch since then.
Philippines (Harvard Alumni Association) effective June 2008.
Angelo Reyes has held several Cabinet Secretary positions.
Recognizing that world oil prices continue to skyrocket day after day, Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes said the Philippines is determined to speed up the exploration and development of indigenous oil and gas resources, develop renewable energy potential and increase the use of alternative fuels.
The Philippines’ energy program targets to enhance energy efficiency and conservation and form strategic alliances with other countries for energy complementation and technology exchange,” Reyes said in his speech at the recent Lagos Economic Summit in Africa.
Reyes said the summit was organized by the Nigerian government to enable it to learn from other countries in order to position Lagos as Africa’s model megacity.
DILG Secretary & National Police Commission (Napolocom) Chairman Angelo Reyes is a top government leader, PMA topnotcher, MBA graduate of AIM, Public Administration masters degree from Harvard, plus management courses at Ateneo Business School & Northwestern University, former AFP Chieef of Staff, and forner National Defense Secretary.