Secretary of Agriculture Arthur Yap of Philippines

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Then I discovered, probably later than most of my coursemates (hey, I grew up in the Science stream, how would I know anything about poetry??) that Arthur Yap was a poet.
And even later I realised Arthur Yap was a painter as well as poet.
Jenny Yap sharing that dear Dr Yap is in a good place now.
In an interview with Kevin Sullivan, Yap is asked if he is in sympathy with Thumboo's opinion that "the writer must explain his society, bring into focus the forces, whether healthy or pernicious, which move society.
On account of this, it may be argued that Yap is not the private poet that everyone claims he is, despite his eschewing the nationalistic rhetoric and didacticism evident in Thumboo’s poems.
One simply cannot ignore that Yap is a poet interested in society, as many of such poems point implicitly or explicitly to aspects of the social ideologies or preoccupations prevalent in Singapore society.
As a precaution, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said all pork exports have been suspended until further notice.
But agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said the increase in the prices of rice - the countrys staple food - will be minimal and the supply will remain steady.
Yap was happy upon learning there is no truth to the rumored rice shortage in Western Visayas.
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Yap said then that he felt like a “general without troops” because the MAOs, who deal on a daily basis with farmers and thus would be more effective in carrying out the DA’s farm-friendly initiatives at the municipal level,  are not under his direct supervision and control.
Another big difference is that Secretary Arthur Yap is not interested in only passing the blame off to someone else – the MAOS – instead, Yap appears hell-bent on getting to the bottom of this issue.
No, Arthur is no Joc-Joc and the DA today under Arthur Yap is a much, much better than it has ever been.
Read the COA report carefully and you realize that charges of ghost farmer-beneficiaries and non-delivery of seeds and other inputs are actually unfair and misleading.
participating in group exhibitions in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.
Arthur Yap was arguably the finest poet to emerge from Singapore.
About the poet: Arthur Yap was born in Singapore in 1943.
many layers of traders interfering with the distribution system.
of inputs which increases production.
a rice shortage but people should conserve the staple.
An attempt to better coordinate and organise articles related to Singapore.
Arthur Yap is a member of Alban Tay Mahtani de Silva LLPs (ATMD) Intellectual Property and Technology Group.
Arthur Yap is one of our many Xavier alumni in government service.
government job was not exactly what the 37-year-old Yap had in mind.
that had lost about 30 million into one that reported 20 million in profits.
com/?page=alvinCapino_nov5_2008Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap is probably the most hated figure among rice speculators.
Yap was administrator of the National Food Authority prior to his appointment at the agriculture so he knows how the grains market work.
With the wet or main harvest season in the homestretch, Yap has taken additional steps to ensure that more palay growers would benefit from the higher NFA support price, which President Arroyo ordered increased during the dry crop season to P17 a kilo from P12 a kilo last year.
Yap has also offered an incentive of P1,800or enough to buy one bag of fertilizerfor every 50 cavans of palay that small farmers sell to the NFA.
To further help palay farmers, Yap has sought the Presidents approval of additional NFA funding so the agency can double palay procurement volume this harvest season.
Philippine Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap met with the US.
by Benjamin Deuz, President of the Brgy.
But agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said the increase in the prices of rice - the countr.
any government supplier to make their own official statements," Philippine Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said in a mobile phone text message when asked about the deal to secure supplies of the national food staple.
Dagupan City—Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap has tagged Pangasinan as one big sleeping giant in agriculture even as it now lags far behind in the production of rice, corn and vegetables over the years.
While in Pangasinan, Yap turned over two tractors for two farmers’ cooperatives, namely.
Yap was awarded the Cultural Medallion for Literature in 1983.
solo exhibitions of his paintings.
especially with the poultry industry growing at 4.
Arthur Yap says that there are two ways to describe 24 hours in the post: busy and busier.
Although Yap has only held the position for a year, the inventory of rice seems to be sufficient and the prices stable.
This is also why Arthur Yap is very keen to convert about a quarter of the four million hectares in the country used for the production of hybrid rice “to increase the yield variations.
The eldest of three children, Arthur Yap had a regular childhood—spending high school at Xavier, always very busy with sports and extra-curricular activities.
And as chief, Yap was able to turn the cash-strapped state corporation into one that reaped P20 million in profits.