Secretary of Science and Technology Estrella Alabastro of Philippines

632)837-2937Secretary Estrella Fagela Alabastro was appointed to head the Department of Science and Technology on 12 March 2001.
Alabastro was Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development from July 1997-April 1998 and Executive Director of the Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development from July 1991-January 1995.
Alabastro is the recipient of several awards, including the Most Outstanding Alumna of the UP College of Engineering (1977), the Achievement Award in Food Technology from the National Research Council of the Philippines (1987) and Fellow for Outstanding Achievement in Food Research from the Philippine Association of Nutrition (1988.
Alabastro was born on 19 February 1941 and is married.
MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is not averse to using nuclear power to boost energy supply in the country, DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro said on Thursday.
science education and training of researchers.
In an interview, Alabastro said the technical panel reviewing the machines gave them 21 passing marks out of a total of 27 criteria compared to the 16 of the closest competitor.
Alabastro said the six failing marks could be attributed to the inability of the Comelec, at the time of the tests, to provide the actual format of ballots for the 2004 elections.
Plant that was mothballed in 1986.
Alabastro said the National Innovation Strategy, a private-public sector partnership, was crafted to answer the call of the President to hasten the achievement of the goal of making technology the foundation of future economic development.
Alabastro said harnessing the creativity and ingenuity of Filipinos would magnify the competitive advantages, discover new strengths, and hurdle limitations “enabling our business enterprises to become more productive” and the people to get good paying jobs.
Alabastro said the introduction of “Filipinnovation”—innovation by the Filipino for the Philippines and the global community, is the best means to convey the Philippine Innovation Strategy.
DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro said that theyve always open to the possibility of nuclear power in the country.
Alabastro said while the Department of Energy is currently studying the proposal to rehabilitate and utilize the 600-megawatt Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, DOST is willing to lend technical support in its inspection.
Alabastro said the roundtable discussions aim to explore the potential of biotechnology in Mindanao, with its vast agricultural lands and abundant natural resources, and the Philippines as a whole.
Alabastro said that DOST is directly assisting at least 20 companies in the country in terms of designing the packaging and labeling of various products.
Science and Technology Secretary Estrella Alabastro said a knowledge-based economy will help build the country’s global competitiveness as it copes with a world driven by technological innovations.
the productivity of coconut trees.
Alabastro said during the roundtable discussion that AVIST is one concrete step to lead the majority of science community toward a knowledge-based economy.
Alabastro said that one way to attract external support is to develop a business plan for AVIST emphasizing on the educational courses wide-ranging potential and applications and the specific support required to become functional educational tools.
Alabastro joined the University of the Philippines as professor and last assumed the position of Dean.
Alabastro is a role model to students and alumni of her Philippine alma Mater.
Alabastro is actively involved in the regional and international scene, including in activities carried out by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC.
Alabastro said there are opportunities for progress in Romblon but the people should look at the whole aspect of any industry from technical to marketing.
Alabastro said that a meeting held last August 2006 between the government and the Philippine American Academy of Scientists and Engineers (PAASE) identified five action items.
For biotechnology, Alabastro said that in 2006, PGMA issued E.
Sojor said Alabastro is an expert on global warming, and is an appropriate resource person to keynote the summit, which will tackle both scientific and technical matters involving climate change.
Science and Technology Secretary Estrella Alabastro said while studies are being done to look into possibility of rehabilitating the BNPP, the government is focused on educating the public about nuclear power and creating a pool of competitive nuclear scientists.
We really have to educate our people before we can pursue it (nuclear power), Alabastro said in a recent press conference at the closing ceremony of the 9th Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA) held in Manila.
Alabastro said the government has funded the development of human resources in nuclear engineering to create a corps of nuclear scientists and technical experts that will study various aspects in nuclear power plant operations such as siting, safety and security, transport of nuclear fuel, health and environment impact, social acceptability and disposal.
DoST Secretary Estrella Alabastro said there is an urgent call for the country to take care of its scientists, particularly its meteorologists.
Alabastro said foreignbased oil exploration companies have been recruiting Filipino meteorologists, mostly from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), an agency under DoST.
Alabastro is also in the process of talking with her counterparts in Japan, Korea and Taiwan for possible tie-ups on training and human resource development in the field of Meteorology.
A NEW tropical storm is headed toward the Philippines, Science and Technology Secretary Estrella Alabastro said Friday.
There is an approaching tropical cyclone that is being estimated to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Sunday and to make a landfall by the middle of next week," Alabastro said after a meeting of the National Disaster Coordinating Council, a day after Typhoon Milenyo (international codename: Xangsane) lashed Metro Manila and Luzon.
Alabastro said the path of the approaching storm also appears headed for Luzon.
Science and Technology Secretary Estrella Alabastro said the operation of the PSHS is expected to improve the countrys ranking in aptitude tests.
Alabastro said there are now nine PSHS campuses spread in the different regions in the country.