Secretary of Public Works and Highways Hermogenes Ebdane of Philippines

Ebdane was the 10th Chief of the Philippine National Police from July 2002 to 23 August 2004.
After serving as the chief of the PNP, Ebdane was named National Security Adviser, a post he held from August 2004 to February 2005.
Ebdane is frontrunner; next SND known within 2 months.
Highways Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane has directed "the removal and replacement of defective projects at the expense of the contractors.
Ebdane said there is also a need to strengthen the enforcement of traffic laws to protect the bridge from abusive truck drivers.
In an interview at Camp Tecson, the headquarters of the elite Army Scout Rangers here, Ebdane said the killings would not stop unless the communist New Peoples Army (NPA) stops its purge of suspected government supporters within its ranks.
Ebdane was reacting to a statement by US deputy assistant secretary of State Eric John at a Senate hearing in Washington DC that Philippine security forces were not doing enough to stop the murders, which have reached over 800 since 2001 according to the human rights group Karapatan.
Apart from establishing a human rights office in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Ebdane said checkpoints have been set up in places where killings have taken place and along routes frequently used by rebels who extort revolutionary taxes from villagers.
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Ebdane has such gall and 'kapal ng mukha ' to assert himself and the supposed duty of the AFP to help in the elections when he himself has been tagged as one of the handymen in the massive electoral fraud in the May 2004 polls," he said.
MANILA, Philippines -- Newly appointed Defense Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane yesterday said he would try to bond with soldiers, including junior officers who are reportedly against him.
Ebdane was commander of the PNP’s elite Special Action Force before he became PNP chief.
Ebdane had not yet been confirmed by the Commission on Appointments as secretary of public works and highways when he was moved to the defense post.
We have to insulate the Armed Forces of the Philippines from partisan activities," Ebdane said in a speech as he formally took over as new defense secretary.
Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said Ebdane is a "quiet achiever" as he appealed to critics to give the new defense chief a chance to do his job well.
In his speech, Ebdane said he would continue the reforms in the military and would see to it that it is being fully implemented under his watch.
Ebdane said investigators should dig deeper to get more evidence to identify the suspects in the extra-judicial killings of leftist activists and journalists.
Ebdane was the secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways before his appointment.
figure, he said, is lower than in previous elections.
Ebdane said three policemen guarding the three were being investigated, and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered them sacked immediately.
Whatever governmental entity Secretary Ebdane is associated with, he stands tall and never hides his being a Freemason.
From July 2002 to August 2004, MW Ebdane was Chief of the Philippine National Police.
Ebdane was chief of the Philippine National Police at the time of the 2004 elections.
Garcis guardian? Ebdane was also tagged as the one who provided security for Garcillano when the latter went into hiding in June 2005 after the "Hello Garci" tapes surfaced.
Let’s focus on the upcoming elections)," Ebdane said in an ambush interview when asked by a TV reporter what happened to the officers and generals mentioned in the “Hello, Garci" tape.
Incidentally, Ebdane was among the police and military generals implicated in the tape.
Ebdane said the role that should be played by the soldiers in the elections is well defined under the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the defense department and the Commission on Elections in October last year.
Ebdane said his office is monitoring possible violence that might be committed by local candidates.
An aide of Ebdane describes Defense for Development as a work in progress.
Ebdane devoted a paragraph to Coast Watch South, which began under Cruz, and which was developed with help from Australia.
Given all these, Ebdane has a lot to build on.
limits the role of the military in the elections.
and former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano.
authorities are taking measures to stop the killings.
He appears to have strong support, though, as Ebdane is identified with the First Gentleman.
NEWSBREAK previously reported (link stories, Inside Track and Online) that Ebdane was the major contender for the post.
Ebdane had been tagged as the “protector” of controversial former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal in 2005.
In the tapes, Ebdane is mentioned as one of the generals who were used by Mrs.
But Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, in a chance interview, defended Ebdane’s set appointment and appealed to his critics to give him a chance as he believes Ebdane is able to handle the reins of the DND with his skills and vast experience in government service.
Ebdane was personally directing the operation from General Santos.
Ebdane was one of the few Cabinet members who saw President Arroyo off at the Naia-2 yesterday morning.
Ebdane said he is ready to take over the helm of the Department of National Defense while insisting that he has yet to receive word from the President about his transfer.
Being a retired military officer and former director general of the National Police, Ebdane said he has what is called “muscle memory” of how to run the military establishment.
stretches from Valenzuela to Tarlac.
rehabilitation work along the stretch from Meycauayan in Bulacan to Sta.
Ebdane said in the press briefing that military vehicles could be used to transport election paraphernalia.
official has complained against the deployment.
communities merely because of the griping by a few.
temporarily pulled out next month to allow them to cast their votes on May 14.
deployment to find ways to improve it.