Secretary of Education, Culture, and Sports Jesli Lapus of Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Education (DepEd) may have the biggest proposed budget for 2009 among government agencies but its budget still falls below international standards, Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said on Thursday.
During the House Appropriations committee briefing on the proposed DepEd budget, Lapus said the proposed P167.
As for track records, Lapus was the former CEO and president of the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), when he was tapped at age 42 in 1992.
Lapus is the current chairman of the powerful House committee on ways and means.
make them more effective and dynamic mentors.
Lapus is the third politician and member of Congress to occupy the education post under the Arroyo administration.
Arroyo was convinced that Lapus had the best credentials to implement her programs and raise the standards of education in the country.
The President saw that Jesli Lapus has the qualifications and competence of running a big department like the Department of Education,” Ermita said.
Presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor revealed that Lapus was nominated by his party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition, headed by businessman and San Miguel Corp.
Prior to becoming a congressman for three years, Lapus was president and chief executive officer of the Land Bank of the Philippines, which became a premier bank under his watch.
IF UNION MEMBERS want to set up barricades to bar incoming Education Secretary Jesli Lapus from reporting for work, they should make sure they do it outside of office hours, Lapus said yesterday.
But since Alidon and his group appear unstoppable, Lapus said the protest actions should be “within the bounds of the law.
Lapus said he had already talked with Hidalgo and that she had agreed to stay at the department in her current position as undersecretary.
Sought to comment on observations that the post was a reward from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Lapus said “you have my resume.
Lapus was also cited as the “youngest” president and chief executive officer of the Land Bank of the Philippines which he headed from 1992 to 1998.
Lapus said he had “taken a lead role in solving the fiscal crisis” last year, spearheading the passage of tax-reform bills that the President had certified.
Secretary Lapus turned over additional English Text2Teach videos and peace education modules from ELSA to J.
A good education is your ticket to a better life, Secretary Lapus said addressing the students.
But Lapus remained confident he would not be affected by the Cabinet revamp this month.
Would you replace the number one public approval rated agency head?" Lapus said when asked for comment on the issue.
Lapus was referring to a Pulse Asia survey released in March recognizing the DepEd as one of the top performing agencies in government.
Lapus expressed confidence that President Arroyo would not overlook the various accomplishments during his term, including among others: the marked increase in school enrollment, reduction in the prices of books, and the procurement of additional funds for additional classrooms.
For its part, the National Employees Union (NEU) said Lapus was a victim of "political accommodation" at the expense of the education sector.
Add to these feats, Lapus said they have also earmarked P1 million pesos for each of the 17 Regional Science High schools for their maintenance and operating expenses.
By Lira Dalangin-FernandezReporterINQ7.
2ND UPDATE) TARLAC Representative Jesli Lapus is the new education secretary, Malacañang announced Wednesday.
He added that Lapus had the "qualities and competence" to run a department as big as the DepEd.
Jesli Lapus is a good choice for secretary of education.
Pimentel noted that Lapus has had a fairly good record as a bureaucrat, who before being elected congressman, served as president of the Land Bank of the Philippines.
Lapus is expected to use his connections with Official Development Assistance partners to address the huge resource gaps in the education system, according to a press release distributed in Malacañang.
Lapus is scheduled to arrive here Wednesday nextweek, June 13 to inaugurate school buildings in Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon and in Legazpi City.
Since his appointment in 2006, Lapus has been putting together a system where teachers are periodically trained and reprogrammed to make them more effective and dynamic mentors.
Apart from making hiring standards for teachers higher, Lapus has also initiated an English proficiency program for teachers.
Yong Grades 1 to 4 kahit na yong authorized voluntary deduction ay hindi na kokolektahin (President Arroyo ordered that there will be no authorized voluntary deduction from students of Grades 1 to 4)," Lapus said in an interview on GMA’s Unang Hirit.
Lapus said the move was aimed at increasing the number of enrollees.
Lapus said parents can lodge their complaint to the DepEd’s Balik Eskwela Action Center against schools that will violate the order.
Secretary Lapus is the epitome of excellence in versatility.
Institute of Management’s Masters in Development Management Program.
a “Champion of Public School Teachers” by teachers associations.
480,000 teachers in the Philippines.
to be inducted into this years Hall of Fame.
EducNews, October 2007) RP WINS UNESCO BOARD SEAT Education Secretary Jesli Lapus was elected to the highest policy making body, the Executive Board, of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the midpoint of the biennial 34th General Conference in Paris, France.
EDUCATION Secretary Jesli Lapus is not amenable to scrapping the sport of boxing in the Philippines saying it is one of the aged-old sports where the Philippines is being recognized globally.
Secretary Jesli Lapus was in Naga City early this week to inspect the classrooms whose repairs were funded by the government in its rehabilitation program after they were left roofless and if not totally destroyed by super-typhoons Reming and Milenyo in the last quarter of 2006.
Department's more than 480,000 teachers in the Philippines.
world to be inducted into this year's Hall of Fame.
funds were sourced from the department’s savings.
replicated in other regions in the country.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said the DepEd has teamed up with JCI Senate Philippines and the Philippine Association of Colleges and", "Journal Online.
Saying studies have shown that children exposed to chess learn faster and get better grades, Lapus has ordered the integration of chess into the curriculum of grade school and high school students.
Although the ICT integration in public school curriculum has been ongoing for quite sometime, Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said that undertaking was more of what he described as “pocket size” or an individual undertaking of particular school or division.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said the enrolment period is still in June but they have scheduled this early registration to monitor and try to prevent possible dropouts.
Lapus said his Sarangani visit was his only provincial sortie due to DepEDs busy schedule prior to the school year opening.
Despite classroom shortages among schools in Region XII, Lapus said it has increased its achievement test record by 12 percent and 27 percent increase in reading test.
An ABS-CBN Online News account , meanwhile, said Lapus has denied that the 492-page “Asya: Pag-usbong ng Kabihasnan” violated the one-China policy and was seized by Chinese  customs.
Hindi naman pwedeng sabihin nila na nag-violate tayo ng one-China policy dahil pinalabas na ng Customs ito (It can't be said we violated the one-China policy because the Chinese released the shipment)," Lapus said in an interview with DzMM radio.
Quoting a source in the DepEd, the Tribune reported that Lapus has told DepEd regional directors to ask public school teachers under their jurisdiction to inform their students that the Social Studies textbook contains an error, and that Taiwan is really part of the territory of China and is under its government’s rule.
Lapus was confirmed by the 25-member bicameral Commission on Appointments (CA) as Secretary of the Department of Education on December 23.
Secretary Lapus was not surprised by his confirmation.
Aside form being a congressman of Tarlac, Secretary Lapus was an original core faculty of the Asian Institute of Managements Masters in Development Management Program.
Secretary Lapus has been in the Department for the last five months having been appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last July 24.
Secretary Lapus is pushing for the strengthening of technical-vocational education to equip high school students with employable skills.
Secretary Jesli Lapus came upon the idea after attending a symposium in New York City dubbed as the School of the Future.
Hopefully, we can have an online teaching within two years, Lapus said during a press conference at the Department of Education (DepED.
Lapus said that online teaching will utilize modern electronic communication technology wherein students will listen or download lectures and reading materials for particular subjects as well as take examinations as part of the curriculum.
In a simple turnover ceremony of the cash donation to DepED, Education Secretary Jesli Lapus expressed his gratitude to the OFWs in Vietnam.
In his speech, Secretary Lapus said that inaugurating a school building is significant for the Department as it represents the future of Philippine education and the Filipino children.
Citing the billions of pesos needed for the repair and rehabilitation of classrooms in affected provinces, Secretary Lapus said that DepED is lobbying in Congress to provide calamity funds for the repairs of school buildings affected by typhoons, mudslides and other natural calamities.
Secretary Jesli Lapus said that the savings habit and values should start while students are young.
Lapus said that the NCAE mainly seeks to guide graduating students, together with their parents, on what career path is fitted for them, considering, among other things, their interest, mental capability and aptitude.