Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Jose Atienza of Philippines

JOSE ATIENZA joined the faculty in 2007 and is a design studio instructor.
Atienza is a founding partner of AWAKE, an architecture and design collaboration with Bradley Walters and Jennifer Akerman.
Atienza is the lead project designer for projects such as Isola, Greenbridge, and Evolution Building.
Atienza was born in the district of San Andres Bukid, four months before the outbreak of World War II.
During Martial Law, Atienza was arrested twice for exposing human rights abuses under the dictatorship regime of President Ferdinand E.
Atienza was first elected as Member of Parliament in the then At-large Congressional District of Manila (then encompassing the districts of Paco, Pandacan, San Andres Bukid, Sta.
Under the administration of President Corazon Aquino, Atienza was appointed General Manager of the National Housing Authority in 1988 and he promoted low-cost housing for teachers and policemen.
The tandem won a second term in 1995 and in 1998, when Lim ran for President of the Philippines, Atienza was elected Mayor and took his oath of office on June 24, 1998, coinciding with the 427th founding anniversary of the City of Manila.
Atienza was again re-elected in 2001 and finally on 2004.
The Kalikasan People's Network said that Atienza had no moral authority to be at the helm of the DENR because he had "neither had sterling qualifications nor a clean track record of protecting the environment as former Manila Mayor.
Atienza is a devout Roman Catholic and under his administration, he pursued programs that were “Pro-Life” and opposed any forms of campaign or programs that promoted contraception or abortion, or sex education programs.
Atienza said Lozada was lying when he said he was abducted at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on February 5.
Atienza said his concern for Lozadas safety was purely professional and ended with Lozadas resignation and decision to come out and tell all.
Atienza said Lozadas trip to Hong Kong last week was an official trip that Lozada made as head of Philippine Forest Corp.
Leaders' Summit and address the Southeast Asia Business Forum.
are one of the major contributors to global warming.
Atienza said that instead of their initial plan to rename the San Andres Sports Complex and Civic Center after Pacquiao, the city government will just put up a gym inside the sports center.
Atienza is portraying the demolition of the Jai Alai building as the beginning of the rehabilitation of Taft Avenue — You get a hall of justice and you get rid of a decaying part of Manila.
The enhanced mitigating measures shall include provisions for monitoring of any spill-over effects on the critically endangered, Rafflesia speciosa, and its host species.
Yulo said he did not know why the PNOC-EDC asked for the SP concurrence if Atienza had already acted on the matter.
MANILA -- Environment Secretary and Liberal Party (LP) member Jose Atienza said Sunday he will not attend Monday’s scheduled elections of the political party at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City because he and his faction were not formally invited to it.
Atienza said he was not aware of the reported media announcements that they are welcome to the gathering.
When asked if he will attend the meeting if he is officially invited to it, Atienza said he will have to think about it.
Atienza said what his faction wants is for the Drilon group to recognize them and to listen to their suggestions, including the election of LP-affiliated local government officials to the Neco.
Atienza said that if Drilon’s group pushes through with their election, they will question it before the Supreme Court.
taps have not yet been completely disconnected.
Atienza is seriously endangering locals in backtracking on a city council ordinance requiring the closure of the Pandacan oil depot.
Atienza was set to file charges against Cawaling early this year.
construction activities on the island.
Atienza said that the city government will involve the police, local government agencies and.
There's less stress on the job now, definitely," Environment Secretary Lito Atienza said across.
Mr Atienza has been trying to help resolve a conflict between BHP and local partner Asiaticus Management Corp.
Mr Atienza said Asiaticus was now in the process of identifying which specific areas in Pujada would be included in the extraction plan.
In a statement, DENR Secretary Lito Atienza said Manila Water Co.
title:"Atienza takes control of Subic", desc:"Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Jose Atienza said his department will take control of the Subic Economic Freeport Zone following controversies that have put into question the ability of", credit:"WN / Sweet Radoc", width:468, height:351, src.
Atienza takes control of Subic - Worldnews.
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Atienza had also authorized earlier the processing of a Special Tree Cutting permit for PNOC EDC to cut trees within the buffer zone, subject to certain conditions.
Atienza said he authorized the issuance of the permit, considering that production of geothermal energy is a better alternative to fossil-based power sources.
Philippine mineral output is expected to rise sharply in the next three years beginning 2008 as several mining projects go on stream, Environment Secretary Jose Atienza said Friday.
The value of the country's mineral production could reach $10 billion by 2011 from an output value of only $3 billion last year, Atienza said in a statement.
The policy instituted in February 2000 during the Administration of former Manila City Mayor Jose Atienza was a result of a democratic process.
BHP) is still interested in forging a compromise deal with a local joint venture partner for the potential development of a nickel mine in southern Philippines, even as it confirmed work suspension at the mine site, Environment Secretary Jose Atienza said Monday.
Atienza said he is scheduled to meet "shortly" with Chris Campbell, BHP's chief development official for stainless steel materials, following a meeting over the weekend with an official from Asiaticus Management Corp.
Last month, Atienza said the two companies agreed in principle to come up with an "ore supply agreement" over their mining interest in Pujada.
Atienza was reacting to reports that a group of Hong Kong property investors was protesting what it called a land grab by the Philippine government in Boracay.
Atienza said the Supreme Court decision “in fact established the rule of law on the island.
Atienza said the ruling would provide government better control over development projects on the island, which has experienced unregulated construction of structures.
Atienza said the incident was not an offshoot of the proclamation and court ruling.
Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Jose Atienza has vowed to crack the whip within his department to ensure a more effective and efficient enforcement of environmental laws.
At the same time, Atienza said that his department will work more closely with local government units and its “environmental partners” such as Bantay Kalikasan, EcoWaste Coalition, and Mother Earth Philippines.
Atienza said the DENR’s legal department will be strengthened to guarantee environmental justice.
Moreover, Atienza was responsible for the fast-tracking of the setting up of wastewater treatment facilities by Manila Water and Maynilad, which is the first step in genuinely rehabilitating Manila Bay and other important water bodies.
DENR Secretary Jose “Lito” Atienza said he has finished his personal assessment of Global Business Power Corp.
Atienza said it took his office some eight months to decide on the ECC application because “we studied very, very closely all the details and the requirements for the environmental clearance of this project.
Talagang strong proponent kayo for the project,” Atienza said when asked if he will approve the ECC.
Atienza said his office made sure that the process and technology that will be used in the proposed coal-fired power plant will not harm the environment.
Atienza said he also went abroad to study coal-fired power plant technologies, particularly the type being proposed by GBPC.