Chief of Staff Jose Salceda of Philippines

Salceda said that as of Thursday morning, President Arroyo has yet to reply on his text message, stressing the President could be "very busy.
There was no reply, but I know the text reached her cell phone)," Salceda said in an interview on dzBB radio.
At the time, Salceda said he was pointing out to his audience that the economy grew for 28 quarters.
Salceda said he realized after the discourse that "it was a bad joke," especially since Mrs Arroyo is "under political pressure.
Salceda is one of the close economic confidantes ni presidente (of the president.
Jose Salceda said GDP will likely grow 5.
Salceda said the GDP growth he projected would largely be due to government spending, seen to grow faster than the expected 12-percent growth in nominal GDP next year.
Meanwhile, Salceda said government expenditures that are currently in place would continue.
In five hours how can you change the signal from 1 to 3?" Salceda said in an interview on dzRH radio.
Salceda said the families would be given rice as compensation for their inconvenience.
Salceda said GDP will likely grow 5.
currently in place would continue.
guarantee that the country can receive a credit upgrade.
JOSÉ SALCEDA turns towards Father Luis.
Salceda said the President approved his proposal and ordered Finance Secretary Margarito Teves to find the funding source for the P75-billion economic stimulus package.
However, Salceda said the government has not given up its target of having a balanced budget by 2008, instead of postponing it to 2009 as has he originally suggested.
Salceda said it would be the third time that government would stimulate the economy as a form of defense against a recession.
Salceda said the P8-billion power discount or P1.
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workers in the US and the local real-estate sector.
Salceda said in a telecast interview over ABS-CBN News Channel.
which President Arroyo approved on Tuesday.
Salceda has also proposed a national government equity infusion of P40 billion into the central bank and P10 billion in PDIC.
Salceda said fund realignment could be done either through legislation or by re-channeling them as savings.
She could be very busy, Salceda said when asked if he thought he would be forgiven.
Usually, in the spirit of intellectual discourse, you don't exaggerate your statistics but you tend to exaggerate your comments, Salceda said on how he had sought to praise Arroyo for the country's economic growth in 2007, at the Ateneo University on February 13.
Salceda said he meant to say that the president was one lucky girl, adding he had only exaggerated his comment on the country's growth by calling her the luckiest bitch.
Salceda has predicted a growth rate of seven percent, eight percent and nine percent, respectively, in the next three years.
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Jose Salceda said the country’s demand for food has risen because there are more mouths to feed, but agricultural lands to cultivate are dwindling.
Salceda said when farmers produce less, expect the prices of food to increase.