Secretary of Tourism Joseph Durano of Philippines

Congressman Durano is an honorary member of Class '79 of the Philippine Military Academy.
Durano was appointed tourism secretary by President Arroyo last year, interrupting his third term as congressman of the fifth congressional district of Cebu.
Durano was born to Elizabeth Hotchkiss-Durano and Ramon D.
Durano said the agency recently brought in top tour operators from India.
Durano said if the number was based on the size of India as a whole, eight-million tourists is still a small market.
Durano said the agency recently brought in top tour operators from India.
Holding, a Korean company headed by Byoung-Youn Park.
AMID threats of political instability, Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said tourism industry and development are still not affected especially in Davao City.
In an interview Friday, Durano said Davao City's stable peace and order situation continues to attract more tourists and visitors not only from other parts of the country, but also people of different nationalities.
Durano said China Southern, an airline company, will start its three-times-a-week Shanghai to Cebu flights in May Durano told Sun.
should have an economic value for the country.
DOT Secretary Joseph Durano (second from left) in press conference in Seoul along with other VIPsAs Koreans are clinching to the top slot of tourist arrivals in the Philippines, virtually edging out traditional tourist rivals like the Americans and Japanese, the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) has no plan to rest on its laurels having had achieved its ambitious tourism target.
DOT Secretary Joseph Durano is back in Seoul for the third time this year to put on media spotlight the 4th Hotels and Resorts Road Show.
Durano met the press to present about 20 hotel and resort facilities strategically located in various destinations in the Philippines offering not only convenient accommodation, but top-class leisure facilities and unique sightseeing itineraries.
Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said the number of tourists that visited the Philippines in 2007 rose 8.
Durano said his office expect tourist arrivals to reach 3.
DAVAO CITY, April 5 Asia Pulse - After observing the trend in tourism-related jobs across the region, Department of Tourism secretary Joseph Durano is calling for the need to adjust the curriculum of courses offered in the Philippines.
Rather than argue over perceptions, let’s deal with reality," Durano said in a text message.
Newly appointed Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano is confident to bring in US$50 billion income for the country with the five million tourist arrivals target for 2010.
Durano said the bill he authored will liberalise and deregulate the country's airline industry, including opening air traffic routes to additional competitors, including foreign.
Durano said Singapore and Thailand have the highest tourist arrivals in southeast Asia with annual seat capacities of 15 million and seven million, respectively.
Durano said the downgrade will limit any expansion plans to increase the country's access to and from the United States, one of the core markets that the Department of Tourism (DOT) is tapping for foreign visitors.
We will continue to create and implement strategic ways to help the country maintain its strong presence among the American travel market," Durano said in a statement.
Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said the event was participated in by 110 international buyers, 40 per cent of which represented markets in both Russia and Eastern Europe.
Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said the expected volume of tourist arrival by 2010 will be at 4.
Durano said the country needs to double the number of hotel rooms in the country.
Currently, Durano said hotel occupancy is at 80 percent to 90 percent.
DOT Secretary Joseph Durano is quite hopeful that his country’s medical tourism initiative will succeed.
Durano said tourism spots in Cebu, Bohol as well as destinations in Boracay, Palawan, Manila and Cagayan de Oro will be showcased as part of a post-conference tour of tourism hot spots.
Durano said the conference is being held in Cebu because it is a resort destination, has wide international air service connectivity, and meets a certain standard in international conference facilities.
to become the country with the most visitors to the Philippines,¡± its Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said Sunday.
Star Cebu, 21 Jan 2006TOURISM Secretary Joseph "Ace" Durano is optimistic to deliver the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan target of five million tourist arrivals by 2010.
DOT Secretary Joseph Ace Durano has defined the Philippines as the resort and heritage destination.
For the current year, Durano said the DoTwill be participating in 15 travel-related events in Europe, a marked increase from its usual twice a year presence over there, specifically the ITB and World Travel Mart in London.
Dealt with a less than satisfactory pack of cards when he took over, tourism secretary Joseph Durano has been reinventing the country’s tourism strategy and winning his bet.
Whether he’s mingling with the country’s tourism trade partners or meeting his political counterparts at tourism summits, Durano comes across as a breath of fresh air.
Durano has been doing the trade show circuit in the past year, selling the refreshing new Philippines and rallying the country’s industry partners to see eye-to-eye his vision.
Durano said the Philippines with the declines in arrivals since 1997 and the closure of some hotels thereafter; the country needed a short-term boost.
Durano said despite coming to the party slightly later, they are not competing with more established places like Thailand.
Durano said Carabao Island is about four times the size of the 10-sq.
Durano said the San Jose airport, which will have a 4,000-meter runway, is part of the tourism masterplan being developed by Euro Asia Group Holding, a Korean company headed by Byoung-Youn Park.
Durano said 89 percent of his department's 1.
Durano said that in 2004, the tourism target was surpassed by 20 percent and in 2005, by 14.
Durano said the tourism industry was very healthy, citing a National Statistics Office survey showing that aside from foreign tourists, 7 million Filipinos in the country travel for leisure.
Durano comes from warlord country in Cebu.
Secretary Durano has been working with the president to develop the region, while at the same time protecting the pristine natural resources that make it such a rich eco-tourism destination.
HEADLINE NEWS Chinese tourists get visa-upon-entry privilege in RP By Mayen JaymalinThe Philippine Star 10/06/2004 In a bid to boost the local tourism industry, the government is now offering visa-upon-arrival privileges to visitors from China, Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said yesterday.
Durano said starting November, all Chinese tourists coming into the country through the five international airports will be granted a visa upon arrival and be permitted to stay for as long as 14 days — seven days longer than previously allowed by the government.
But after a series of consultative meetings with representatives of the local tourism industry, Durano said the DOT, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) agreed to grant the privilege to all Chinese nationals visiting the country.