Secretary of Transportation and Communications Leandro Mendoza of Philippines

Secretary Mendoza is a professional police officer, a noted management practitioner and an inspiring leader.
Secretary Mendoza is married to former Soledad Latorre of Lambunao, Iloilo.
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Leandro Mendoza was a participant or observer in the following events: July 31, 2000: Politician Accuses Philippine Government and CIA of Manipulating Muslim Militant GroupsEL('1626004942-15793','15793') Aquilino Pimentel.
Transportation and Communications Secretary Leandro Mendoza was re-elected president of the National Golf Association of the Philippines during the NGAP General Council Meeting and Biennial Elections on Friday at the Manila Yacht Club.
Salary Standardization Law, Mendoza said at a press conference.
transition after Congress passes the CAAP bill.
of fiscal support to fast-track ATO’s rehabilitation.
persons to fill the 7,000 slots in the agency.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Saturday suspended the $329-million national broadband network project with Chinas ZTE Corporation in a rush, even Transportation and Communication Secretary Leandro Mendoza was not directly informed about it.
In an interview with QTVs Balitanghali, Mendoza said he just heard about the Presidents suspension order, that was announced through Trade and Industry Peter Favila.
retirement (few months before Perez was engulfed by scandal) Mendoza was named Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications.
Their engineers are here to determine the remediation,” Mendoza said after the turnover ceremony for outgoing NTC chief Abraham Abesamis and his successor Atty.
Mendoza said Tamayo, in particular, was not the one who allowed the vessel to sail, adding that those on the ground who allowed the ship to travel were also merely following a set of guidelines.
Mendoza said the investigation is being done by the Board of Marine Inquiry (BMI), and while an official of the PCG is included, the body is mostly comprised of retired merchant marine captains, engineers, masters and mariners "and these are not part of government, they are from the private sector.
Mendoza said they are considering President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's order to ban sea travel regardless of tonnage, whenever there is a typhoon regardless of the strength or storm signal.
The justice chief said it might lead to a review of the laws on issuance of franchise, while Mendoza said it could lead to the modernization of the maritime industry.
During MRT-3's eighth year anniversary celebration, Mendoza said it will cost US$220 million to acquire 73 brand new trains.
politician in connection with the broadband project.
the same coverage as that offered by ZTE.
was a contract or an executive agreement.
conditional document that was part of an executive agreement.
Meanwhile, Mendoza said he has directed his people to include Leonardia as part of the inauguration rites program of the new airport in Silay City this afternoon.
Mendoza was reacting to the new airport inauguration program released by the DOTC that does not include the name of the mayor.
Meanwhile, Mendoza said DOTC is supportive of the airport of Kabankalan City that is locally initiated, and will also back the opening of the Sipalay airport for tourism if needed.
between P250 million to P350 million.
Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza said Monday.
s refusal to finish the job,Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza said Monday night.
Mendoza said the Japanese contractor is bound to finish its work despite the lack of contract working agreement (CWA) with Miaa.
If Takenaka fails to pay up, Mendoza said the expenses could be deducted from the compensation due to the company.
Mendoza said that the new date for the opening has not been set.
Mendoza said the Neda board found the proposal from the ZTE as the “best proposal” and approved it for implementation.
for the dismissal of his administrative case.
MENDOZA has been recruiting junior officer for a PNP mass resignation movement.
his illicit affair was uncovered by the group of LACSON.
residence to introduce his son Jose III to him.
it was only the Speaker with regard to AHI.
Mendoza said the Speaker told him the AHI proposal was good for the country.
the government-to-government undertaking between the Philippines and China.
Releasing the findings of the board yesterday, Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza said Petron must answer for chartering the tanker even though it knew that it was overloaded—a factor behind its sinking.
Mendoza had assured Congress that all NBN-type projects have been put in the backburner pending further study.
In response to Senator Santiagos questioning, Secretary Mendoza said that, and I quote the report from abscbnNEWS.
Yet Secretary Mendoza says that Agile is demonizing the deal with ZTE.
Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza has directed the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to conduct a study on a proposal to undertake a comprehensive review of all franchises granted to public utility vehicles (PUVs.
Mendoza said that with the computerization of the LTO and the LTFRB, two agencies under the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), they could easily tap their data base and check the franchises issued to public transport operators in the last couple of years.
Mendoza said the rationalization of the issuance of franchises to PUVs should be undertaken with the help of city, provincial and municipal planners who can give valuable inputs on road conditions, traffic schemes and the transportation needs in their respective jurisdictions.
On the cancellation by the LTFRB of the franchises of 7,000 taxi units whose meters have not been calibrated, Mendoza said the LTFRB has a mandate to enforce the law and to enforce penalties on erring operators.
Mendoza said the owners of the taxi units whose franchises had been canceled by the LTFRB can always appeal for reinstatement of their franchises by showing justifiable cause for their failure to have their meters calibrated.
Mendoza said the four Chinese officials asked about the status of the NBN project and offered their help in ensuring that the deal would push through.
Mendoza said he will submit his comments on the Supreme Court's temporary restraining order on the NBN deal on Monday.
Neither changed my view that despite his well rehearsed attempt at melodrama at the Senate, he is still a sore loser,” Mendoza said in a statement.
MANILA, Jan 21 Asia Pulse - Transportation and Communication Secretary Leandro Mendoza is hopeful to address within three months most of the seven major issues used by the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), which recently downgraded the country's international aviation safety standards to Category 2.
We are very hopeful to address majority of the problems within three months," Mendoza said in a press conference Monday at the Air Transportation Office (ATO) office along MIAA road in Paranaque.
Mendoza said President Arroyo has directed him to provide necessary resources needed by ATO to resolve the remaining issues.
Mendoza said the department expected to file a petition before the National Telecommunications Commission to remove the charges on text, but acknowledged the move would be controversial and difficult to carry out.