Vice President Manuel Noli De castro of Philippines

If his 2001 and 2002 SALs are correct, de Castro was almost left with nothing after the 2001 election.
Maybe, this is because some of the unpaid election expenses have become formal IOUs de Castro was forced to sign.
But an official of that Senate division told The Times it can’t be held responsible if a senator, like Noli de Castro has done, gives it the wrong TIN.
Noli de Castro has publicly declared owning some companies, The Times looked into the MGB Food Company Corp.
Noli de Castro has been a stockholder of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.
On the Philippine Stock Exchange’s list of the TV corporation’s 100 top shareholders, de Castro was number 81 in September 2003 and number 79 in December 2003.
There is no question, according to The Times’ sources in ABS-CBN, that de Castro is perceived by the network’s talents, workers and management as more truly someone with “the heart of the broadcaster” than Loren Legarda.
This must be why even after de Castro had won his Senate seat in 2001, he stopped being a TV Patrol amchor but continued to host his popular Magandang Gabi, Bayan (MGB) prime-time public affairs program.
ABS-CBN insiders say de Castro remains a powerful figure in the network.
Although de Castro is the first to admit that he owes a lot to ABS-CBN, insiders say the company and the Lopezes  owe him a lot too.
Insiders told The Times that although ABS-CBN management could let go of its other equally popular and influential talents when push came to shove, de Castro is viewed as the most valuable and indispensable asset.
de Castro had supervisory powers over such programs as The Correspondents, Assignment, Inside Story, F, Pipol, Loren, Pinoy Exposed and Knowledge Power.
He said de Castro came to the Senate unprepared.
What is commendable about de Castro is that he did not use his power as a media person and as a politician to enrich his relatives.
De Castro denied Engle’s accusations, stressing that the MGB episode, which was not about Engle but about his wife, was “a fair and balanced report.
Ever since his youth, De Castro has been an ardent and loyal devotee of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church, Manila.
De Castro has consistently been a front-runner for the 2010 presidential elections.
De Castro was elected Senator in 2001 and was elected as Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines as the running mate of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2004.
They also claimed that the De Castros' marriage is invalid because Sinsuat De Castro's previous marriage was not yet annulled when Sinsuat De Castro married the broadcaster-politician.
Vice President Noli De Castro is still Filipinos (according to surveys) favorite to succeed President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2010.
De Castro is officially not a member of either party.
Noli de Castro is perceived to be a Lakas nominee but he is not an insider of Malacanang.
In case hes not the administration bet, one option for De Castro is to go with Villar.
If De Castro is not the administration bet, Gatmaitan said the administration will have to choose among Senator Richard Gordon, Mayors Feliciano Belmonte, and MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando.
Vice President Noli de Castro says he's prepared but not preparing.
However, conventional wisdom was that de Castro was not supported by the elites, and seen as an intellectual lightweight, given his TV anchorman roots.
On August 17, 2007, De Castro has claimed that the bigamy charges filed by Sinsuat's first husband against him and wife Arlene Sinsuat was politically-motivated, to diminish his chances in the 2010 presidential elections, just like the abandonment family suit previously filed by Sinsuat's two sons in her first marriage before the NBI.
De Castro said that these were politically motivated.
De Castro was elected SenatorSenate of the Philippines The Senate of the Philippines is the upper chamber of the bicameral legislature of the Philippines, the Congress of the Phil.
BiographyEarly life and broadcasting careerNoli de Castro was born in the town of PolaPola, Oriental Mindoro Pola is a 4th class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.
of Marcos, de Castro joined ABS-CBNABS-CBN OverviewABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is the largest media company in the Philippines.
De Castro was elected Senator in 2001 and was elected as Vice President of the Philippines in 2004.
Vice President Noli De Castro is the public’s top choice to replace President Arroyo in 2010 based on the latest SWS survey.
De Castro was the choice of 31 percent of the respondents.
Noli De Castro was a hugely popular TV newscaster where he got the monicker “Kabayan” (Compatriot), before he entered the political arena.
THREE OUT OF 10 Filipinos want Vice-President Manuel "Noli" L.
National Broadband Network (NBN) controversy.
Everybody from top to bottom found directly involved in the anomaly should be charged)," De Castro said when asked by GMA News if he would agree to filing charges against public officials, including Mrs Arroyo, who could be implicated in the NBN mess.
But De Castro was quick to add that he wanted his term and that of Mrs Arroyo completed until 2010.
And Senator De Castro is our public barometer.
De Castro has great instincts on the public pulse, which comes in handy when the group needs to decide on certain issues, according to Pangilinan.
In the Senate power struggle that ensued shortly after the May 2001 elections, De Castro found himself the subject of avid wooing by both the administration and the opposition camps.
Marfil, who also writes a column on Senate gossip and senators’ bloopers, describes De Castro’s style as "tamaraw English" in reference to the endangered animal in Mindoro, where De Castro comes from.
De Castro is partly to blame for the media’s low regard of him.
But on issues where there is a clear public preference, De Castro takes a firm stand.
If he’s on the safe side publicly, De Castro has his own personal advocacies and pet bills.
De Castro has shared his views on mining issues and human rights violations through press releases.
His staff is proud to say that De Castro was responsible for criminalizing the manufacture of drug paraphernalia.
De Castro is chair of the committee on tourism.
Critics note that De Castro has kept silent on issues that affect the business interests of his former bosses at ABS-CBN, even when ordinary people are hurting.
latest non-commissioned survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS.
have become formal IOUs de Castro was forced to sign.
unpaid election expenses have become formal IOUs de Castro was forced to sign.
if a senator, like Noli de Castro has done, gives it the wrong TIN.
Meanwhile, Vice President Noli de Castro said he was "humbled" by the results of the survey which showed him posting a net satisfaction rating of 41 (64 percent satisfied, 23 percent dissatisfied.
The latest high public satisfaction rating of Vice President Noli De Castro has boosted his chances of becoming a frontrunner in the 2010 presidential elections, a senior Palace official said yesterday.
Remonde said De Castro has an edge over other presidential aspirants because of his integrity and track record as a public servant.
de Castro remains the top choice to succeed President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo during the 2010 presidential election but Senate President Manuel B.
De Castro was elected Senator in 2001 and was elected as Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines in 2004.
Noli de Castro was born in the town of Pola, Oriental Mindoro.
After the ouster of Marcos, de Castro joined ABS-CBN.
Vice President Kabayan Noli De Castro turns over to PNR General Manager Manuel Andal the 4 kilometers PNR Parañaque segment in San Martin De Porres after City Mayor Jun Bernabe ordered the clearing of the railroads tracks off of 1, 030 illegal structures and successfully relocated the 1, 630 families who are informal settlers along the “riles.
1949 - Noli de Castro was born on the 6th of July in the town of Pola, Oriental Mindoro.
De Castro said he was "humbled" by the results of the SWS.
De Castro was at the top in the Visayas with 25 percent.
De Castro was the Man We Could Count On.
De Castro was a smash hithandily securing a seat in the Senate via over 16 million votes.
Aside from being the housing czar, VP De Castro is also dubbed the price czar, in line with his assignment to lead the governments efforts in ensuring that the supply and prices of basic goods remain stable.
You could say that VP also stands for very persuasive: VP De Castro is the one who successfully persuades manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers and retailers from using the holiday season as an excuse to unnecessarily jack up prices.
These days, while busy with his primary vice presidential assignments, VP De Castro is constantly receiving awards from formidable institutions or is an in-demand speaker at function after function.