Secretary of Labor and Employment Marianito D. Roque of Philippines

0/5 (0 votes cast) Marianito Roque is the secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment.
Also known as MDR, Secretary Roque is responsible for turning around and revitalizing the OWWA as a public-responsive and demand-sensitive national government agency; improved the delivery of services to migrant families throughout the Philippines.
Roque has imprinted his legacy in OWWA and will always be in the hearts of the people whose lives he has touched.
Roque has committed to provide financial assistance to the deportees upon their arrival.
In an interview over radio dzBB, Roque said that while lay-offs have yet to take place, some companies are already shortening job shifts to cut back on costs.
Our top concerns will be the welfare of overseas Filipino workers and providing them with better employment opportunities,” Roque said addressing labor attaches and welfare officers at the two-day meet.
than 190 host countries around the world.
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in the fight against illegal recruiters.
Roque said that retrenchments and layoffs of workers dropped significantly by 65.
Roque said that Presidential Proclamation No.
At the same time, Roque said the same Presidential Proclamation moved the holiday commemorating the country's National Heroes Day for the year 2008 on August 25, the last Monday of August, instead of last Sunday of August.
Roque said any clarifications regarding the holiday pay rules may be made with the DOLE's Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) at tel.
In DOLEs yearend report, Labor Secretary Marianito D Roque said we project the global OFW deployment figure to approach the 1.
Roque said the IMO has projected a lack of 34,000 officers until 2011.
Roque was on an official visit to the UAE and attended an appreciation event organised in the Philippines Overseas Labour Office in Diera.
Roque said minimum wage earners in Calabarzon will receive pay adjustments ranging from P12 to P20 per day.
Roque said the wage increase will take effect 15 days after the publication of the new wage order in a newspaper of general circulation.
activities leading to its 75th anniversary on Dec 8, 2008.
Roque said the annual award aims to give proper recognition to the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families.
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Roque is scheduled to visit Lugait on November 19, 2008.
Roque was informed by Medellin Mayor Ricardo Ramirez that four utility workers from his town and more than 60 from Daanbantayan were among those on board when the vessel sank.
Roque said he will refer the matter to the Dole legal department so that they can establish the relationship between the concessionariesÂ’ workers and Sulpicio Lines.
Roque said the plan is a set of interventions for workers who may be displaced due to the current financial crisis.
In a press statement, Roque said the interventions consist mainly of assisting affected OFWs find employment in other overseas destinations or setting up livelihood or business enterprises for those who no longer want to work abroad.
Roque said OFWs could take advantage of employment opportunities in these countries and, thus, offset job losses in labor markets that could be hit adversely by the financial crisis.
Roque said that based on Proclamation No.
At the same time, Roque said that the President, in her Proclamation, maintained that Christmas Day on December 25 (Thursday), and Rizal Day on December 30, 2008 (Tuesday) are regular holidays.