Secretary of Agrarian Reform Nasser Pangandaman of Philippines

and the other companion of pangandaman was a jueteng bagman and also a member of the golf club in question hmmmmmso much for credibility.
Mayor Pangandaman is a product of your system, not ours, and he won as mayor because of GMAs money and support, plus the AFP.
Pangandaman is entitled to his day in court but GMA does not have to wait for a court judgment in order to fire him.
Pangandaman is a cabinet appointee and he serves at GMAs pleasure.
Secretary Pangandaman has vehemently denied the allegations and insisted that De la Paz and his son Bino and daughter Bambee started the quarrel.
Pangandaman said that he serves at the pleasure of the President, even as he expressed confidence that he is doing well in the Cabinet.
Based on the De la PazesÂ’ affidavit, Fortun said Secretary Pangandaman was also a participant in the brawl, contrary to his initial statements that he had nothing to do with the incident.
reclassified in favor of the companies.
Pangandaman said that during the second brawling incident that took place at the Valley Gold and Country Clubs clubhouse, the 56-year-old dela Pazs wife and some relatives arrived with baseball bats and bladed weapons.
Asked why his sons bodyguards were able to enter the golf club with guns, Pangandaman said it is only normal for bodyguards to carry their firearms.
Pangandaman denied that his sons started the fight.
Pangandaman said his family is hurting because of the bad picture being painted on his name and family.
He calls peasants questioning his leadership as "fake farmers.
Would you believe that the younger Pangandaman is the mayor of Masiu in Lanao del Sur? Two government officials committing such a crime is unthinkable.
Based on the dela Pazes' affidavit, Fortun said that Secretary Pangandaman was also part of the Valley Golf brawl, contrary to his initial statements that he had nothing to do with the incident.
Because of such statements, Fortun said that the elder Pangandaman was actually pretty much involved in that fight and had actually supported, through his moral influence, the acts made by his sons.
The elder Pangandaman is an alter-ego of President Arroyo as the secretary of agrarian reform, while his son and namesake is mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur.
The ethical way out of this predicament for the elder Pangandaman is for him to resign.
Pangandaman is an embarrassment not only to the DAR (Gloria, too, I should say, but she loves surrounding herself with shameful characters - DOJ as the perfect example, hello!), but to the Muslim community.
No doubt that DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman is frequenting Exclusive Golf Courses.
Pangandaman said that he did not disturb them anymore because the player was about to hit.
Pangandaman was not yet even done pitching into the green when a ball landed near his 8-year old child so they immediately made sure the child was secured in the cart.
Pangandaman denied the allegation.
incident, Pangandaman was at the Baguio Country Club playing golf with Rep.
Pastrana said the elder Pangandaman was with", "Journal Online.
Speaking with reporters before the start of the Cabinet meeting at the Macaraeg-Macapagal ancestral house here, Pangandaman said on Tuesday he had received calls", "Inquirer.