Secretary of the Budget and Management Rolando Andaya of Philippines

Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said the plan involved the issuance of multi-year obligations to the central bank that would serve as guaranteed payments for the balance of P40 billion for its capital.
While the recapitalization of the central bank is not included in the budget proposal for 2008, Andaya said the multi-year obligation would still allow the central bank to get its capital.
Andaya said the central bank had the option of securitizing the multi-year obligation since its payment would be guaranteed by government should it need the money right away.
Andaya said in a press statement, “We are adopting a conveyor-belt approach in which farm outputs are brought to the table in the least costly way to those who need it the most.
Andaya said there is “a need to maintain a subsidy mechanism that will shield the needy from food inflation” even with government efforts to boost farm output and lower food prices.
Andaya said the National Food Authority will get P4 billion next year for “price-stabilization activities.
Andaya said the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, which involves the provision of conditional cash transfers to qualified poor families, will get “a provisional” P5 billion for 2009, a P300-million increase over 2008.
MANILA, Philippines — Contrary to claims by a legislator, the budget of the Commission on Audit (COA) had been increased every year, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr asserted on Wednesday.
Andaya said the COAs budget will also jump from almost half a billion pesos from P4.
The charge that its appropriations have been reduced is clearly unfounded and a battalion of COA auditors in fact will be able to verify this," Andaya said in a press statement.
According to Hontiveros, the COA’s share in the national budget for 2009 as approved by Malacaang stands at P4 billion, or 0.
In his press statement on Wednesday, Andaya said it was misleading to gauge an agencys "budget weight" by measuring its appropriations against the whole national budget.
Andaya said that as a fiscally autonomous body, a status that goes with its being a constitutionally independent body, COA has " wider latitude in the use of its funds and can internally realign the funds it receives.
Andaya said "the steady increase in COA allotment would show that the Commission has, in fact, been rewarded and not penalized for doing its job, "he said.
MANILA -- Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said state workers can expect more pay increases until the end of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's term in 2010.
Andaya said the salary standardization law is needed to synchronize the salary adjustments covering all workers regardless of profession.
Andaya said the new bill would not only restructure the old salary standardization law, but it will also give the government a clearer "guideline on how much its employees should receive during pay increases.
Andaya said the P109 billion budget for the implementation of the salary restructuring has been included in the proposed P1.
Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said the government was also estimating inflation at six to eight percent with export growth at seven percent in 2009.
To tighten accountability, Andaya has implemented a set of key performance measurements and piloted it in 20 key departments related to infrastructure spending, pressing department heads to specify clear output and cost parameters and then commit themselves to them.
a redemption of our pledge to issue tax rebates in kind.
resources could be freed for social spending.
the Calamity Assistance and Relief Efforts or CARE funds.
Andaya said P9 billion has been saved from January to June due to the appreciation of the peso against the dollar.
Andaya said “there were instances or cases that could not be foreseen” such as lower inflation and interest rates which adversely affect collections.
Andaya said the DepEd will teach about Philippine heroes like Rizal, Bonifacio and Sultan Kudarat and not Osama bin Laden.
Andaya said the declining performance of elementary and high school students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) prompted DepEd to ask for funding for programmes that would improve education in the region and other Muslim communities.
Andaya said the ongoing conflict, if not resolved the earliest possible time, will primarily affect the people of the province whom the said officials serve.
government officials in budget hearings.
The debt service component in the budget we have submitted," Andaya said in reply to queries if USD13.
Andaya said funds for principal amortization will be sourced from refinancing schemes, such as cheaper loans, and not from internal revenue collections.
Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said yesterday he was instructed by President Arroyo to persuade Catholic bishops to become “partners in governance” that would involve them in the procurement process for government projects.
Andaya said he had discussed the offer to Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Angel Lagdameo in a meeting last Tuesday.
Andaya said the meeting with Lagdameo “wasn’t meant to appease him, it wasn’t to ask him not to talk, not to criticize, we never even entered that discussion.
Andaya said the P15-million fund would come from the national government in addition to 1,000 bags of rice.
Andaya said the new 10,000 teachers and 882 principal will cost the government a total of P1.
4 percent, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said in a statement.
Andaya said the bonus for the estimated 1.
You can now tell your godchildren and neighborhood creditors that it could be up to 10,000 pesos,” Andaya said in his speech at the Philippine Government Employees Association National Assembly in Malacanang.
Andaya said the Arroyo administration had originally budgeted P186 billion for pro-poor projects in 2007 and P230.
Andaya said that salaries of government workers will be increased taun-taon up to 2010, and that would need a whopping P100 billion.
Andaya said the partnership would allow Church leaders to participate in the government-run projects and make them become observers from within.
Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, UNO president, said the set-up initiated by Andaya was a publicity ploy intended to soften the impact of the harsh criticisms made by five bishops, led by Lagdameo, who called on the public to prepare for a new government amid rampant corruption in the government.