Ambassador to the US Willy Gaa of Philippines

Ambassador Gaa is married to Erlinda Concepcion, with whom he has two sons, Wendell and Warren.
Gaa has been the subject of envy by Filipino politicians and retired military officers.
The last time Gaa was called home was when Bolante asked the INS to transfer him to a facility equipped to handle his delicate medical condition.
Gaa was also in town when news of Bolantes arrest was reported by the press.
Bolante is now offering to talk and Gaa is comin home again.
RP-US counterterrorism cooperation.
We are very hopeful something good will come out," Gaa said in an interview at the embassy.
Gaa said the embassy is now gathering data in the Philippines and consulting with Filipino veterans to address Craig’s concerns.
Gaa was assigned to the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.
For his long and dedicated service to government and country, Ambassador Gaa was presented with the Gawad Sentenaryo (Centennial Award) in 1999 by the National Centennial Commission and the Distinguished Service Award in 2000 by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
The News UpFront: (TOP STORY) as of Friday, 22 June 2007 ~~ The plum diplomatic post currently occupied by Philippine Ambassador Willy Gaa is reportedly being eyed by a member of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's cabinet.
willy gaa is a quintessential career diplomat who combines his simple mild manners to win concessions for US in the Hill with his humor and Karaoke songs to weld the FilAm communities in the whole US together.
ReactionsGaa said in a phone interview immediately after the vote, Of course, we are very happy the campaign for the veterans finally achieved victory.
The number of Filipino World War II veterans who stand to benefit from a pending bills at the US Congress has dwindled to 18, 155, Philippine Ambassador to the US Willy Gaa has reported to the American legislature.
Bob Filner, chair of the House veterans’ affairs committee and sponsor of the House version of the equity bill, and members of the veterans’ affairs committees of both the Senate and House, Gaa said the prospective beneficiaries of the pending bills in the US Congress would be those in the US Army roster.
As expected, the current number in the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) list is different from the US Army roster," Gaa said in the letter dated June 5.
Gaa is among those being considered to replace Del Rosario.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has yet to name a replacement for del Rosario, and earlier reports said Gaa was the one she was considering for the post.
Gaa said he got no idea whether he would be appointed.
A longtime diplomat, Gaa was appointed US.
Gaa said the Arroyo administration also gave top priority to enactment of laws that would allow overseas voting and dual citizenship.
Former consul general to Los Angeles Willy Gaa was named ambassador to Washington, scotching speculation that he would be appointed charge d’affaires instead.
Ambassador Gaa is a seasoned diplomat.
In the United States, Gaa takes over from Ambassador Albert del Rosario who had long sought to go back to the private sector.
Gaa was here, too, to drum up local support for what has been a long-festering issue for Filipino-Americans veterans benefits for Filipino soldiers who fought alongside American troops during World War II.
Gaa said some reports are given more weight than others and data collection does not always come from the same source opening the way for errors.
Referring to the old war veterans Gaa said the embassy will organize Filipino-American communities across the nation to launch all-out efforts to pressure Congress to provide Filipino veterans just compensation for their services to Uncle Sam in World War II.
In a report to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Gaa said he has transmitted this figure to key US legislative and executive officials who asked for the number of Filipino veterans who would benefit from the proposed law.
Once the equity bill is passed, Gaa said the embassy would make a request to the US government for the inclusion of those who were not in the US Army list, subject to the legal screening procedure.