Minister of Treasury Aleksander Grad of Poland

Aleksander Grad was born on May 1, 1962 in the village of Łosiniec.
Grad was the Governor of the Tarnowskie Province and the Chairman of the Małopolska Regional Council.
Grad was also a World Bank consultant, chairman of the PHARE Program Steering Committee (PHARE - Inredi Tourin III) and the co-author of the Małopolska Region Farming and Rural Development Program.
Grad was Member of the 4th Parliament, representing the Civic Platform Parliamentary Club, he was Deputy Chairman for the European Union.
Grad has been the Civic Platforms spokesperson for farming and rural development.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " DOHA, Nov 18 (Reuters) - Poland will decide on a new privatization scenario for the Warsaw bourse in two weeks, Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said on Tuesday.
Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said on Tuesday.
Aleksander Grad said the sell-off would reduce the footprint of Polands government-owned companies from 20 per cent of GDP to no more than 10 per cent.
Most of the privatisations will be handled through the ministry, a strategy Mr Grad said would prevent President Lech Kaczynski, of Law and Justice, exercising a veto over the sales.
Grad said Poland could see its 51-percent stake in PKO fall below 50 percent as long as it remains the largest shareholder.
WARSAW (Thomson Financial) - Poland should shortly complete talks on the sale of its remaining 4 percent stake in UniCredit's local unit, Bank Pekao, to the Italian bank, treasury minister Aleksander Grad was quoted as saying.
WARSAW (Thomson Financial) - Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said on Wednesday that he was pleased by a European Commission decision to grant Poland more time to privatise the country's ailing but politically symbolic shipyards.
Minister Grad said the Polish government has hired independent experts and legal consultants in Brussels to help prepare the restructuring and privatisation plans ahead of the September 12 deadline.
Grad said while he's not planning to impose a new strategy for the company, he believes it should focus more on the energy sector.
Poland's Treasury Minister, Aleksander Grad said Thursday that he had submitted the blueprints to Brussels.
Grad said Friday he expected the European Commission to make a final decision on their within "a few weeks.
Today we signed initialled privatisation agreements with both investors, these are the agreements that we initially planned to conclude by September 30," Grad said Friday.
Grad met with investors on Thursday to discuss the plans, Polish Radio reported.
Deutsche Boerse, Grad was quoted by Parkiet as saying.
that clearly stipulates in what respect and to what degree the treasury can participate in financing old liabilities with new state aid, Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said told parliament.
Part of the old debts needs to be covered in order for another party to pay the rest and invest”, Polish Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad has said referring to the privatization of the beleaguered shipyards.
As Aleksander Grad says the shipyards continue to operate.
Grad said Poland had until the end of February to present its own estimate of the losses incurred by Eureko over a protracted dispute with Poland's Treasury over a 1999 contract in which Eureko acquired a 30 percent share in PZU for 3.
Mr Grad was scheduled to meet potential investors in Warsaw on Wednesday.
Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad said Poland will sell stakes in four power groups, including Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Tauron, Energa and Enea.
Grad said the government also wants to reduce its stake in the countrys second-largest bank, PKO BP, in several measured steps.
In order to implement in the plan, Grad said the government plans to adopt a draft law next week aimed at streamlining privatization procedures.
Aleksander Grad said the Treasury Ministry has sent the European Commission its concept for restructuring the Gdynia and Szczecin shipyards on the Baltic coast, along with initial agreements with prospectiveinvestors.
Grad has previously said he expected the EU to respond to the plans inOctober.
Treasury Minister Aleksander Grad says that "next Tuesday the government will look into it, on Wednesday there will be additional negotiations at the European Commission.
to an investor who must yet produce a restructuring plan.