Minister of Health Ewa Kopacz of Poland

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WARSAW, Poland, July 3 (UPI) -- Twenty-one homeless individuals in Poland have died after being given an unproven bird-flu virus vaccine, authorities have charged.
Ewa Kopacz has been officially nominated for the post of health minister in a cabinet led by Donald Tusk as prime minister; both politicians are from the Civic Platform (PO) party.
Ms Kopacz has a medical background: she graduated from the Medical Academy in Lublin as a general practitioner.
Ewa Kopacz is a very elegant woman and has a great hairstyle.
Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz has condemned the alleged testing and called for a permanent ban on all involved personnel from future health treatment.
It is in the interests of all doctors that those who are responsible for this are punished, Kopacz said of last year's testing efforts.
Some people may remember that Ewa Kopacz was just in the news recently for aiding a 14-year-old girl with getting an abortion.
26 November 2008 - The Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) will expand its drug reimbursement list at the beginning of 2009 with 200 drugs, Health Minister Ewa Kopacz said on 24 November 2008.
The Polish government has offered the Czech Republic an immediate help in rescue works, Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz said on TVN24 channel.
Earlier this month, Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz said she will sponsor a plan to finance in-vitro fertilization for about 1 million childless Polish couples.