Minister of Education Katarzyna Hall of Poland

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Education Minister of Poland Katarzyna Hall has invited a member of the Young Front Ivan Shyla, who hadn’t been allowed to sit for the final exam in the secondary school by the Belarusian authorities, to continue education in Poland.
org, Katarzyna Hall has also promised the young man assistance in getting further education.
Katarzyna Hall has stated that all pupils who will face the same situation, will be able to continue education in a Polish secondary school and be given a certificate there.
During an informal conference dedicated to problems of intercultural education held in Oslo Katarzyna Hall has informed European Education Ministers about the incident with Ivan Shyla and her reaction to it.
Polish education minister Katarzyna Hall has said that she supports allowing non-government organizations to make presentations on homosexuality in public schools, the newspaper Dziennik reports.
Hall said vouchers could show up as early as 2009.