Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak of Poland

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Waldemar Pawlak is the only person to serve twice as Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland during Third Republic period (1989-present.
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Our desire is that entrepreneurs who are interested in Eastern cooperation pursue their business goals without unnecessary administrative burden and costs", Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Waldemar Pawlak said during a working breakfast with members of Polish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Warsaw.
Pawlak leads the Polish Peasant Party that took second place in the election and is regarded as steady and sensible.
WARSAW, Poland, Feb 7 (UPI) -- An agreement to link the power grids of Poland and Lithuania is expected to be signed in Warsaw Feb 12, Lithuanian Economics Minister Vyatas Navickas said.
Pawlak expressed the hope that owners supervision authority over the natural gas supplier Gaz-System and PSE, Polish Transmission System Operator supplying electricity and energy will be also tansferred to the Ministry of the Economy next year.
On the other hand Pawlak has underlined the need to increase the oil storage capacity.
Pawlak is here to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games due on Sep 6.
Pawlak was a student at Warsaw's University of Technology who, shortly after the imposition of martial law in 1981, left the anti-Communist Student's Union in favor of the pro-Communist United Peasant Party.
Pawlak is the only person who held the office of Prime Minister twice during the Third Republic (i.
Pawlak was born in village of Model in the Masovian Voivodeship.
Because the cabinet did not receive support from the Sejm, at this time Pawlak had no official ministers, only temporary chiefs of executive branches.
Pawlak was initially in an informal alliance with President Wałęsa against the SLD.
Although PSL is still the smallest party in the Sejm, Pawlak is often cited as having achieved a major politicial victory.
Pawlak was for many years criticized for his stiff personality (he was called "Cyborg Prime Minister.
Pawlak is married and has children.
Pawlak expressed his congratulations on the success of the Beijing Olympics, noting that the upcoming Paralympics would have a profound impact on improving conditions for the disabled.
Pawlak said the Polish government valued its ties with China and the expansion of bilateral economic cooperation was of great significance to Poland.
2008 will be a very good year for the Polish economy as the country's GDP growth will exceed 5 percent, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Waldemar Pawlak said on Tuesday.
It will be a very good year if to take into account all economic processes and their nature, Pawlak was quoted by Polish news agency PAP as saying.
before the scale of the problem can be gauged.
In this way we can develop solutions based on sectoral cooperation, which will help protect the climate and at the same time maintain strong economic growth - Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak said at the opening of the Summit on Sectoral Cooperation on 27 November.
This is not new - on a number of occasions recently Pawlak has voiced concerns about the zloty's strength.
There is no need for that (merger) right now', Pawlak was quoted as saying.
In another interview for a local TV station, Pawlak said the Polish government should take steps to prevent inflation from rising, adding the interest rate hikes were 'the last resort.
Then Mr Pawlak discussed the condition of Polish economy.
In Baltic countries, where energy is produced from gas, inflation exceeds 15%, Minister Pawlak said He also stressed that although strong Polish zloty hindered Polish export on the one hand, on the other, it reduced the influence of increasing fuel prices on Polish inflation, The Deputy Prime Minister also mentioned that Poland would hold an UN Climate Conference in Poznań this year.
WARSAW, Aug 6 (Reuters) - The strong Polish zloty is hurting the economy and it is time to start discussing ways of how to halt the currency's appreciation, Economy Minister Waldemar Pawlak said on Wednesday.
Waldemar Pawlak discussed perspectives for sustainable development, greater innovation, and strategic partnership in the globalized economy.