Minister for Environment, Territorial Planning, and Regional Development Francisco Nunes correia of Portugal

Francisco Nunes Correia was born in Lisbon in 1951.
Nunes Correia received his PhD in Civil Engineering in 1984 from Colorado State University (USA), where he also received his MsC on Hydrology and Water Resources in 1978.
Nunes Correia received LNEC's Manuel Rocha Research award and the Water Resources Research Award from the Portuguese Association of Water Resources.
Nunes Correia is Member of the National Water Council since its formation in 1994.
In January 2004 Nunes Correia was appointed President of LNEC, where he stayed until March 2005.
Between 1993 and 1995 Nunes Correia was Technical Adviser to the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources and in that capacity he was responsible for the preparation of the National Environment Policy Plan (PNPA.
Francisco Nunes Correia is speaking on behalf of the European Union.
Referring to the second reasoning, Mr Nunes Correia said "the commission and member states will have to take some steps to avoid such situations because it is a difficult one.
Environment Minister Francisco Nunes Correia said construction would be limited to 15,000 tourist beds in.
Europe is not sending out a clear message to the world in this area, it is rather an ambiguous message with a lot of hesitation linked to it", Portuguese environment minister Francisco Nunes Correia said after environment ministers were unable to reach a clear decision on Tuesday (30 October.
Mr Nunes Correia described the ministerial discussion as "intense" and added "this is an uncomfortable situation that we're all in" - referring to the distribution of votes.
Francisco NUNES CORREIA is the Minister for the environment, regional planning and regional development of Portugal.