Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu of Romania

Starting with 2008 Videanu is under corruption investigation regarding a business with raw materials for constructions (i.
Adriean Videanu is the current mayor of Bucharest, Romania.
A businessman in the marble and granite industry, Videanu was elected mayor in early April 2005, gathering 53.
Videanu said curfew and culling measures have been taken in Andronache area in district 2 and in Giurgiu area in district 4 where the bird flu virus has been confirmed.
Mayor Adriean Videanu said late on Friday there were an estimated 50,000 farm birds in the capital.
At the weekend, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said Romanian consumers had not been affected.
Videanu is also part of the current Government scheme.
Videanu says Romania has enough gas for its needs.
Romania no longer receives natural gas from Russia due to a Russia-Ukraine gas row, Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said on Wednesday.
National news agency Rompres reports that minister Adriean Videanu says Romania has enough gas for its needs.
In turn, Minister Adriean Videanu has showed that there will not be problems during this winter, at the population level, in case the cut off of natural gas deliveries, via Isaccea station is prolonged on a larger period of time.
As Mayor General of Bucharest, Videanu is perceived not so much as the man who came up with an infrastructure reconstruction plan, but rather as the key character in a number of shady auctions.
Thus, in 1990 Adriean Videanu was put down by Cazimir Ionescu on the FSN list of candidates in Teleorman County, because a well-known young man was needed.
During one of the meetings with AICI, Mr Videanu said that he intends to create an investment company for Centrul Vechi which will purchase all available buildings and then restore them.
Bucharest, Jan 8 /Agerpres/ - Bulgaria might ask electricity support from Romania, the same as Hungary has already done, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said on TV late on Wednesday.
published in issue 4340 page 1 at 2009-01-05Romania has no problem linked to providing natural gas, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said on Saturday, despite Romanian authorities having received a Gazprom advisory over imported gas deliveries being cut 32 per cent until January 11.
Following an emergency meeting with officials from the gas sector, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu described the situation as serious, but not impossible.
Videanu said the ministry had declared a state of emergency, which would legally empower Transgaz to take the necessary measures to ensure gas supplies under the best possible conditions.