Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea of Romania

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As the sinner who washed the Lords feet, Saturday, Udrea has left everything behind and went to rub the floors of a school in Drumul Taberei.
But, if it were for me to judge, I do not believe that Udrea is entitled to give lessons on ethics and write on her blog that it can be reproached to Musca the lack of honesty.
But because PDL is a political party that sharpens its sword for the beheading if high prices and the eradication of poverty, Elena Udrea is inadequate.
Yet, given PDL is a political party that sharpens its sword to behead burdening prices and eradicate poverty, Elena Udrea is ill-suited for the purpose.
One week ago, the same Mugur Ciuvica stated that Elena Udrea had joined the Camataru group of interests.
In reply, Elena Udrea says in a news release that she was the legal representative of the Romanian State, and not of PSD.