Prime Minister Emil Boc of Romania

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Boc was not only president of the PD-L but until recently, was also mayor of the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca.
While mayor of Cluj-Napoca, one of Romanias fastest growing economic centres, Boc was very popular with Romanians and foreign investors alike.
Emil Boc was born on August 6, 1966 in Rachitele, Cluj, Romania.
Emil Boc was also a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA.
ansylvania Political Leadership Program" between February and March 1998.
Emil Boc was a teacher at "Gheorghe Lazar" school in Cluj-Napoca (1991-1993) and assistant at the Law Faculty and at the Faculty of Politic and Administrative (1994-1997.
Minister Emil Boc said on Tuesday.
Boc was the second choice of President Traian Basescu when Theodor Stolojan turned him down last week.
Boc says his goal is the stability of the country, to sort out the economic crisis, tighten state budgets, and introduce reforms, draconian ones if necessary.
Bucharest - Emil Boc, leader of Romania 's centre-right PDL Democratic Liberal Party was deisngated new prime minister Monday after Theodor Stolojan stood down from the job at the last moment.
Basescu acknowledged that Stolojan had been his ideal candidate but said Boc was now the only choice available if a government was to be installed before Christmas and a new budget drawn up for next year.
A lawyer by training, Boc took over as leader of his party in succession to Basescu in 2004 -- the same year that he was elected mayor of the city of Cluj for a second term.
PM Emil Boc has given assurances that the population will not be affected by the cut off of.
PM Emil Boc has convened the members of the Natural Gas Supply Security Coordination Committee, headed by the Ministry of Economy, Mr.
Prime Minister Emil Boc has talked by phone with the European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs on the cut off by Gazprom of the gas deliveries through Isaccea 2 station.
We wished that at the European Commission level, alongside the problems signaled by the other countries, an exact evaluation of the situation in Romania to be made', PM Emil Boc has stressed.
PM Emil Boc has emphasized today, after the working meeting from Victoria Palace, that the population, the citizens using the centralized heating system including, will not be affected by the cut off of the gas deliveries from Russia, through Isaccea station.
Boc is in the news lately because (from Wiki) "The Democratic Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party form a coalition government in Romania, with Emil Boc as the new Prime Minister.
Emil Boc is a Romanian politician.
Boc is also president of the Democratic Party of Romania, the party of President Traian Băsescu.
He assumed the position of mayor after the 2004 defeat of Romanian far right nationalist Gheorghe Funar, who had been mayor of Cluj-Napoca for twelve years, first as a member of the Romanian National Unity Party, and then, … WikipediaBorn:1966Related Searches:member of the Democratic PartyFrom transylvaniaMayorFlag of RomaniaDemocratic Party of RomaniaRomanian National Unity PartyGreater Romania PartyJustice and Truthrun-offTwo-round systemfar rightSocial Democratic PartyMayor of places in RomaniaPresident of RomaniaCluj-napocatransylvaniaSee moreNews About Emil BocEmil Boc had a news item on Live Search NewsRomanian govt budget plan may need change-PMdocument.
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org/wiki/Emil_BocEmil Boc - FamousWhyEmil Boc was born on August 6, 1966 in Rachitele, Cluj, Romania.
Boc is also president of the Democratic Liberal Party, the party of President Traian Băsescu and was nominated by the latter on December 15 as the Prime Minister candidate to be validated by the Romanian Parliament.
In the 2008 election, Boc took 76.
Băsescu initially appointed Theodor Stolojan Prime Minister, but following Stolojan's withdrawal, Boc was named to be the head of the government.
After the announcement, Boc said he would put together a working group to help him manage the economic crisis that has hit Romania.