Minister of Public Finance Gheorghe Pogea of Romania

Gheorghe Pogea is a former Vice Premier of Romania.
The water accumulated in Tuzla locality will be evacuated through a second pipeline that will be installed for the evacuation of water into sea, so that Techirghiol Lake would not be affected, State Minister Gheorghe Pogea has stated.
The protected area will not be affected, Minister Pogea has stated.
As for the situation of the persons who lost their dwellings, Minister Pogea has stated that they are lodged in one of the camps in the area.
At the request of Costinesti inhabitants whose houses have been destroyed, the City Hall benefiting of the Government support, along with the local authorities will assure the construction materials necessary to reconstruct the houses, Minister Pogea has further stated.
Romania has "no further need" of a stand-by agreement with the International Monetary Fund, deputy prime minister Gheorghe Pogea said Wednesday, three months after a new accord was scuttled by a dispute over the country's budget deficit.
Pogea said that 82 Romanian - Croatian companies are registered in Romania, with a total capital of 1.
Pogea said he planned to cut spending on goods and services by public institutions by 15 percent, to block about 140,000 vacant jobs in administration, to 'rationalise' social spending and to cut bonuses for state employees.
Finance minister-designate Gheorghe Pogea said his goal was to lower the fiscal deficit to 1.
Ex Vice-Premier Gheorghe Pogea was appointed, early this week, member in the Administration Board of the National House of Savings (CEC.
Gheorghe Pogea is currently the General Manager of Titan Mar, a company controlled by Bucharest General mayor, Adriean Videanu.
On January 18, deputy prime minister Gheorghe Pogea said that Bucharest had "no further need" of a stand-by agreement with the IMF because it was set to join the EU, perhaps as early as January 2007.
Gheorghe Pogea has announced that beginning next week he will meet with businessmen, industrial employers associations and representatives of industrial consumers to clarify the mechanisms for setting up the prices of utilities.