Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ilie Sarbu of Romania

CNSAS (the body enabled to study the Securitate archives) decided that Sarbu was not a secret police collaborator, but further evidence seemed to re-confirm the rumors.
Ilie Sarbu denies any collaboration.
ROMANIAN agriculture minister and head of the Romanian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Ilie Sarbu has had enough of weather girls who are hired on looks alone.
Ilie Sarbu was validated Agriculture and Rural Development Minister with 34 votes for and 5 abstentions.
Sarbu said that he asked for 4 per cent of the GDP, for the Ministry’s budget, but is expecting to receive only 3 per cent.
Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu said the ministry would start its own investigation into the case.
Intro: The privatization of Romania's tobacco company SN Tutunul Romanesc will be delayed by one year pending an investigation into its financial activity in recent years, the country's agriculture minister Ilie Sarbu said Wednesday.