President Traian Basescu of Romania

The suspension, passed in a vote of 322 deputies to 108, opens the way for a national referendum on his impeachment within 30 days although Basescu said this week he would resign if suspended.
Traian Basescu is a political project that failed.
Basescu has faced numerous accusations of abusing power from the ruling centrists as well as the leftist opposition in recent months as politicians across party lines jostle for influence following EU accession in January.
Romanian President Traian Basescu was to meet with South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun later Tuesday for talks on ways of increasing bilateral cooperation as well as on security situations in both regions, Roh's office said.
Ahead of his departure from Romania, Basescu said business topics would dominate his trip.
Basescu is the first Romanian president to visit South Korea since 1994.
With inflation still running high, and many people feeling few benefits of a market economy, Mr Basescu is concentrating on trying to improve the basic quality of life for Bucharest residents.
Mr Basescu says they will be rehoused elsewhere in the city.
It used the law internationally, to show western countries that look, we've done something, but in Romania they've never made it public," he says.
Although the ruling the ex-communist Social Democratic Party (PSD) took Romania into Nato and prepared the ground for the country to join the EU in 2007, Mr Basescu is seen as a more pro-Western candidate.
Unlike his opponents, whom he accuses of widespread corruption, Mr Basescu is not associated with the old communist regime.
Traian Basescu was born on November 4, 1951 in Murfatlar - near Constanta, today called Basarabi.
On 19 May, 2007, the day the Romanian President Traian Basescu was voted back to his position by an overwhelming majority, he was recorded talking to his wife about a Romanian journalist from a TV station owned by a political opponent, saying.
President Basescu is by far the most popular politician in Romania.
President Traian Basescu says he is returning the law adopted by Parliament back to Parliament because it cancels the right of pre-communism owners over.
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acknowledged the Parliament's vote on 20 April 2007, Basescu remained suspended as president until a referendumRomanian presidential impeachment referendum, 2007 SummaryA national referendum to impeach suspended President Traian Basescu was held in Romania on 19 May 2007, after Parliament vot.
Basescu is the first president in the history of Romania who has been officially suspended.
Family backgroundBasescu was born in Murfatlar, a village (later a small town) near ConstantaConstanta oat of arms=Seal of Constanta.
Political careerBasescu was a member of the pre-1989 Communist PartyRomanian Communist Party The Romanian Communist Party was a Communist political party in Romania until 1989.
Mayor of BucharestIn 2000, Basescu was elected Mayor of BucharestBucharest ame=Municipiul Bucuresti|coa_pic=Stema municipiu bucuresti.
rs opposed dog euthanasia, to which at one time Basescu answered:"We will not take any dog's life!" Basescu was also accused of sometimes just moving the dogs from the center to the periphery.
In 2004, Basescu was elected for a second term in office, winning 54.
Conflict with the Prime MinisterBasescu has remained very popular, due to his open style and hands-on approach.
In addition, Basescu has focused on a strong strategic partnership with the United StatesUnited States The United States of America, also known as the United States, the US.
In June 2006, Basescu came into open conflict with Popescu-Tariceanu after the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister announced that they and the PNL sought to withdraw Romania's troops from Iraq.
Basescu has been vocal in calling for a regional approach to security in the Black SeaBlack Sea The Black Sea is an inland sea between southeastern Europe and Anatolia that is actually a distant arm of the Atlantic Ocean.
Basescu has tried to improve Romania's relations with MoldovaMoldova The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in eastern Europe, located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the e.
Domestic policyIn domestic politics, Basescu has claimed he was fighting against high-level corruption, although he is frequently involved in corruption scandals (as in The Note Scandal, Scandalul Biletelul, involving a note signed by him in which he tried to blackmail Radu Stroe.
Impeachment vote by the ParliamentIn early 2007, Basescu was proposed for impeachment by the members of the opposition parties for allegedly unconstitutional conduct.
Impeachment referendumAs a result of the impeachment vote by the Parliament, Basescu was suspended from his function as president, and a national referendumRomanian presidential impeachment referendum, 2007 A national referendum to impeach suspended President Traian Basescu was held in Romania on 19 May 2007, after Parliament vot.
After the impeachment vote, several public ralliesRomanian presidential impeachment referendum, 2007 A national referendum to impeach suspended President Traian Basescu was held in Romania on 19 May 2007, after Parliament vot.
Before the candidacies were announced, Basescu said to Anton Pandrea:"I heard you have announced your candidacy, Mr.
Stroe went pale and refused to make it public, although Basescu said it was not classified.
Racial slursOn the day of the suspension referendumRomanian presidential impeachment referendum, 2007 A national referendum to impeach suspended President Traian Basescu was held in Romania on 19 May 2007, after Parliament vot.
Basescu was also involved in another racial scandal, when he called the doctor who operated on him "the first professionally able Armenian" he met.
In May, Basescu was criticized after he called a reporter "a stinky Gypsy.
Although some of the reforms that helped Romania win EU membership were carried out before Basescu took office two years ago, he is credited with ushering in a new sense of openness and transparency.
When Basescu expressed support for gay rights and legalized prostitution _ prompting his opponent, former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, to question his religious beliefs _ he charmed supporters by retorting that during storms at sea, "I had a direct link to God.
Ioachim Pura, a 60-year-old ballet instructor, said Basescu knows that "in Romania, you have to draw people to you and to explain things to them.
Renate Weber, a former presidential legal adviser, concedes Basescu has such "extraordinary" political instincts that she once considered taking notes in case she ever decided to run for office.
Watching Basescu is like watching a sitcom," Weber said.
Basescu is evasive about his plans.
Press Center reported that in a phone call to President Parvanov, his Romanian counterpart Traian Basescu has made the commitment that once Ukrainian gas arrives at the Isahcha transfer point.
After the collapse of communism (1989), Basescu joined the newly formed center-right Democratic party and served as Romania's transportation minister (1991-92, 1996-2000) and in parliament (1992-96.
But Romanian president Traian Basescu has a bigger reason than most to owe the Microsoft founder a debt of gratitude: he claims that rampant software piracy in the Eastern European nation was the single biggest factor in developing a healthy IT industry.
A former naval captain, Basescu is used to having to take decisions quickly and face up to his responsibilities," said political analyst Stelian Tanase.
President Traian Basescu has stated yesterday, during the presentation of the Report.
Also in diplomatic news: Romanian President Traian Basescu is in Brussels, and Albanian President Bamir Topi went to Kosovo.
Basescu joined the PCR, a move essential for any career advancement in Romania during the Ceau-escu era.
Basescu joined the other party that emerged from the split, the Democratic Party (PD) of Romania.
Basescu took the unusual step of formally renouncing his parliamentary immunity in 1996.
Basescu was elected his partys president in 2001, and two years later was instrumental in forming the Alian aDA(Justice and Truth Alliance) with another of Romanias political parties to oppose the PSD, which had been in power for much of the post-Communist era but was largely made up of former Communist elites.
President Traian Basescu was present at the balance sheet session of the Superior Council of Magistracy of yesterday, on whose agenda there was also the election of a new management for the institution.
President Basescu has been on the phone with Russian PM Vladimir Putin about the gas crisis.
President Traian Basescu had selected Theodor Stolojan, 65, last week to form a coalition government following Nov 30 elections.
Basescu said he would now nominate 42-year-old Emil Boc, who heads the Democratic Liberal Party, which Basescu led before becoming president.
In Kiev, Basescu is to meet Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko to start the series of top-level meetings.
The Romanian government does not approve, I repeat, does not approve of part of a large part of the measures of the Italian government, Basescu said at news conference with Berlusconi in Rome.
Basescu was referring to a census of ethnic Roma - known colloquially as gypsies - ordered by the Italian government which also involves fingerprinting, including children.
BUCHAREST, Romania, Dec 10 (UPI) -- Romanian President Traian Basescu said Wednesday he has nominated economist Theodor Stolojan to once again serve as the country's prime minister.
President Traian Basescu is the head of state for Romania.
2008) - The Romanian President Traian Basescu said yesterday in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo that Romania strongly supported Bosnias progress towards closer ties with the European Union and NATO.
Romanian President Traian Basescu was called by his Bulgarian counterpart, Gheorghi Parvanov who asked Romania to transport, for free, the gas Bulgaria will receive from Ukraine, the Bulgarian Focus News agency informs quoting a press release of the Bulgarian presidency.
Romanian President Traian Basescu was called by his Bulgarian counterpart, Gheorghi Parvanov who asked Romania to transport, for free, the gas Bulgaria will.