Minister of Regional Development and Housing Vasile Blaga of Romania

Blaga was appointed as the Minister of Administration and Interior Affairs later in the same year.
ReliefWeb Document Preview Romania: The Minister of Administration and Interior, Mr.
Romania: The Minister of Administration and Interior, Mr.
The Minister of Administration and Interior, Mr.
Vasile Blaga has pointed out that the structures with possibilities of reaction in emergencies make all efforts to help people.
Minister Vasile Blaga has showed that certain difficulties are encountered in interventions because the flash floods come from the hills not from the river beds and it is very difficult to take action.
Minister Vasile Blaga has stated that there is solidarity among the communities of the flood affected areas.
Minister Vasile Blaga has presented an evaluation of the damage caused by the new wave of floods.
Blaga says he paid meanwhile the 215,000 euro debt he owed to Senator Verestoy Attila and that the final payment, to the last of three owners of the building, will be paid before the end of the year.
75 RON) loan he got in 2007, without any interest and with a 10 year reimbursement deadline, Blaga says that the natural persons mentioned in the wealth statements as offering the loan are two old friends, but he does not intend to transform them into public figures.
Vasile Blaga was in this locality to verify the situation.
Blaga has requested to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to expedite the repairs to the gas pipeline that supply Focsani town, to generate the possibility that the bread factories from this locality to reassume their activity.
Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said floods destroyed 200 houses and damaged some 5,500 others.
Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said some 9,000 soldiers had been deployed to help those affected by the bad weather.
200607:15 (GMT)Interior Minister of Romania Vasile Blaga has installed in his new office on the 1st floor of the central wing of the building that once accommodated former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu until 1989, and stated that the building had been taken over by the ministry under Government Decision No.
Blaga said a similar system on the Romanian-Bulgarian border has contributed to a 70% reduction in wait time.
Blaga denied rumours that he is being considered for the Prime Minister office.
Vasile Blaga denied rumours that talks had been held by heads of the two political parties on a future cooperation in the government.
Minister Vasile Blaga says that Theodor Stolojan should renounce the office of presidential advisor if he wants to lend credibility to his project of strengthening PNL.
Many of those who will vote for him will do it from desperation rather than conviction, since Vasile Blaga has failed in this listless campaign to convince voters that he is a virulent professional political or a bright expert.
A cautious character, lacking mutinous spirit and magnetism of his mentor, worried the mayoral shoes are too big for him to fill, Vasile Blaga has lived this as if an unpleasant adventure, trying hard to live up to expectations.
Detailing the extent of the disaster, Vasile Blaga said nearly 2 000 people have been evacuated from their homes over the past two weeks and 400 houses have been swept away by flood waters.
Unfortunately, we are expecting the number of victims to rise hour by hour," Blaga said at a news conference, although flood waters are starting to recede.
Blaga is one of the new politicians promoted by Traian Băsescu, with a fairly quick rise, just like Traian Băsescu.
Because Vasile Blaga was Traian Basescu's confidante ever since the latter took over the helms of PD.
Now, PD is in Power, and Vasile Blaga was appointed to two key offices: head of the Presidential Administration, where he did not stay for too long, and Minister of Administration and Home Affairs.
Although he doesn't come from within the system, as he is an engineer by trade, Blaga has indeed launched a reform in the Ministry.
Since at the respective time Vasile Blaga was in London with President Traian Băsescu, it was from there that the greenlight came.
Vasile Blaga was perceived as Basescu's man.
Romanian Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said that from now on all established posts on the eastern border would be occupied by border patrol personnel.