Minister for Relations With Parliament Victor Ponta of Romania

In the meantime, Ponta has gotten married to (after having a child with) Daciana Sarbu.
Perhaps shockingly, the poll shows that the far-right nationalist Great Romania Party leader, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, has an approval rating of 21%, while the interim Social Democrat leader Victor Ponta has an approval rating of only 15.
Ponta said Romania has traditional friendly cooperation with China and is China's best friend in Europe.
Law School, University of Bucharest, Victor Ponta received his Ph.
vowing to continue reducing the level of corruption.
Social-Democrat Vice-President Victor Ponta said that PSD complies with the ruling over the consequences of the passage by the Senate of the anti-Macovei simple motion, even if this is not to the social-democrats’ liking, and so should do the Democrat president, Emil Boc, accepting the decision by the Constitutional Court, “regardless of whether he likes it or not and not to applaud when it likes it and yell he will disband it when he doesn’t.
Comparing the administration of Nastase with that of Tariceanu, Victor Ponta said that under PSD there were at least two things: order and discipline.
Victor Ponta was brought by Adrian Nastase in PSD, in 2001.
Ponta said he wants to run in District 5, I offered to withdraw from the race for him and at that moment the hall fell silent.