Deputy Premier Igor Ivanovich Sechin of Russia

According to Stratfor, Sechin was "the USSR’s point man for weapons smuggling to much of Latin America and the Middle East.
In 1997-1998 Sechin was the chief of the General Department of the Main Control Directorate attached to the President, led by Putin.
In November 24, 1999, - January 11, 2000, Sechin was the First Deputy Chief of the Russian presidential administration.
From 1979 to 1984 Sechin was educated in Leningrad State University with a specialization in Romance languages, namely Portuguese and French.
In 1997-1998 Sechin was the section head in the Main Presidential Control Department (where Putin again was his supervisor.
FromNovember 24, 1999 to January 2000, Sechin was the First Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration.
In May 2008 Sechin was appointed Deputy Prime Minister as part of Vladimir Putins Second Cabinet.
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Sechin said the key principles of bilateral cooperation are simple and represent long-standing bilateral collaboration based on both sides" interest to honor previous agreements and economic and trade projects.
Igor Sechin was born in Leningrad on September 7, 1960 and is a graduate of Leningrad State University.
who has reportedly had bad relations with Sechin.
In his first statements to the press, Sechin said that the goal of our trip is to help the Cuban people palliate the consequences of the passing of the storms that have affected the island recently.
Sechin was also welcomed this week by Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage Davila, who stated Cuba is ready to work actively in projects to foster links between both nations.
In the interview, Shvartsman suggested that the head of the so-called Siloviki fraction in the Kremlin Igor Sechin was actually the beneficial owner of Finansgroup.