First Deputy Premier Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov of Russia

Social-economic development of regions, free economic zones, Russian National Wealth Fund.
Shuvalov is married, with one son and two daughters.
Shuvalov had to settle for a low-profile position of presidential assistant.
Shuvalov has many traits that a reform ideologist must have.
Shuvalov was born in Chukotka and under the Soviet power never worked in the state government system.
Shuvalov is a passionate fan of Great Britain, the most hostile Western country to the retinue of Vladimir Vladimirovich.
Shuvalov joined thegovernment already as quite a rich man.
Shuvalov is an absolutely hierarchical man.
In the community of experts, Shuvalov is connected most closely with the government's Institute of Comparative Legislation and Legal Science, which is headed by Taliya Khabriyeva.
Igor Shuvalov is oriented toward quick results.
Your reading of Shuvalov is too optimistic, one of his good acquaintances from government circles told me at parting.
Yet, Shuvalov is very superficial and gets exhausted quickly.
Besides his responsibilities as finance minister, he will, like Igor Shuvalov, be responsible for a wide circle of socio-economic issues, not including customs tariffs, which Shuvalov is not responsible for either.
Overall, Shuvalov turned out to be the joker that Putin hid up his sleeve, while it seems the signal from the Soviet nomenclature entrusted with agriculture -- being prepared for retirement still holds true.
There is no need to go to a fortune teller to understand: Shuvalov has been given the right (or rather it is his duty) to increase dynamism and accelerate competition, as it is usually put nowadays.
And one more notable fact: Shuvalov is non-partisan.