Minister of Energy Sergey Ivanovich Shmatko of Russia

Sergey Shmatko was born in Stavropol on September 26, 1966.
Sergey Shmatko is married and has two children.
But new Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko has already assured them that the market will be launched on July 1.
Sergey Shmatkos biographySergey Ivanovich Shmatko was born in Stavropol on September, 26th, 1966.
In 2004 SHmatko has ended the Maximum academic rates of Military academy of Joint Staff VS of Russia.
Per 1992 SHmatko has started to work as the auditor in BDO Binder.
Per 1995-1997 SHmatko was the scientific employee of Institute of problems of investment, supervised over management of external relations of the All-Russia development bank of regions.
About 2002-2005 SHmatko was the chairman of the State fund of conversion.
Since June, 2005 SHmatko has received appointment to the post of the president of Joint-Stock Company.