First Deputy Premier Viktor Alekseyevich Zubkov of Russia

Zubkov is also the current chairman of the board of directors of Gazprom, Russia's largest corporation and one of the largest oil and natural gas companies in the world.
Zubkov was confirmed on September 14.
From November 3, 1993, to November 30, 1998, Zubkov was the Chief of the Saint Petersburg Department of the State Tax Inspection and simultaneously a Deputy Chairman of the State Tax Inspection for Saint Petersburg.
On July 23, 1999, Zubkov was appointed Deputy Tax Minister of Russia for the Northwestern region.
In a 2006 survey of political experts, Zubkov was ranked as Russia's 84th most influential politician.
On September 14 Zubkov is confirmed by the State Duma (381-47 with 8 abstentions) and takes office.
Zubkov has preferred to stay in the background, letting others bask in the light of publicity.
However, Viktor Alekseyevich Zubkov is familiar to many Finns.
Petersburg in the mid-1990s and Zubkov was intensely involved in the negotiations.
Zubkov is said to have ben a very skilful player.
During one of his visits to Finland Zubkov took part in a training programme of Eurofacts, a consultancy company known for its Russian contacts, run by Anders Blom.
One Finn who knows Zubkov describes him as a "well-mannered man of nature, who knows Finland and who thinks positively of Finland.
Zubkov is also respected in the Kremlin.
After Putin became Prime Minister, Zubkov was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister.
On June 27, 2008 Zubkov was appointed chairman of the board of directors at Gazprom in succession to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.