Minister of State for Energy in the Minister of Infrastructure Albert Butare of Rwanda

Albert Butare is an environmental engineer by profession.
Butare was the Academic Vice Rector of the Kigali Institute of Science Technology and Management (KIST), an Institute he has participated in building from scratch.
Butare said that he conducted his doctoral research on 'Mechanisms and Instruments of Implementing Energy Policy in Rwanda' with focus on renewable energies.
Butare said that he will get his professional doctorate in the middle of next year.
Albert Butare has been overseeing the country's energy and communication sector since 2005.
Butare took guests for a short and quick Power Point presentation to just brief them about KIST.
Butare expressed his gratitude in the name of KIST staff and students for the time the Hon.
Improving access to power is especially important for Rwanda's small and medium-sized enterprises which have an important role to play at ensuring the country's long-term economic development, said the ICF chief executive, Omari Issa.
Butare said that government will provide an electric line extension from the power plant in Kibuye to Karonde substation where there is a grid for the required voltage on which electricity lines can be hooked.
Albert Butare said that the money will be used to extend telecommunication lines up to the district level.
Honorable Engineer Albert Butare is a Minister of State of Infrastructure in charge of Energy and Communications.
Butare was the Deputy President of the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), an Institute he has helped to build.
Minister Butare was a consultant for the World Bank on rural based energies before he was appointed to take part in the planning of KIST and subsequently being part of its administration.
Butare says that KIST's mode of training and orientation is aimed at creating graduates who have an appropriate balance between theory and practice and can apply theoretical techniques to problem solving, have initiative and clear understanding of their role in society.
Rwanda wants the World Bank and other funding agencies to assist it to obtain this noble objective, Butare said in a three-page statement copied to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation.
Deputy director of the Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management (KIST), Albert Butare has been named minister for energy and communications by president Paul Kagame in succession to Sam Nkusi.
Butare said the country has an installed capacity of 35 mw of hydroelectric power but is constructing another plant for 10 mw and is in negotiations for a 27.
Butare said the country, still scarred by a 1994 genocide that killed 800,000 people, has seen no investment in power generation in the last quarter century.
Albert Butare said excitedly at the mini-launch of the pilot methane gas plant in Rubavu district.
Albert Butare has assured local entrepreneurs and investors that there will be no rise in power prices this year.
Speaking at Hotel Novotel on Sunday, while making a presentation during the Monetary Policy Review for 2006 organised by the Central Bank of Rwanda , Butare said that government was planning to reduce the unit cost from Frw.
Butare says that there is tremendous potential for investment, such as joint ventures in ICT parks.
Butare said the connectivity would help the private institutions to access communication lines with ease, explaining that currently Rwanda’s telecommunication was done through satellite which, he said, was expensive and limited in capacity.
Rwanda's Minister of State for Communications and Energy Albert Butare says that the two-day summit last week attracted a high turnout of heads of state and representatives from some of the world's leading information technology companies.
Minister Butare says the lines will allow Rwanda to conduct highly sophisticated communications and transactions.