Prime Minister Bernard Makuza of Rwanda

An ethnic Hutu, Makuza was a member of the Democratic Republican Movement (MDR) before allegations were made that the party promoted genocide.
Makuza was appointed by former president Pasteur Bizimungu after the resignation of former prime minister Pierre-Célestin Rwigema, who had been heavily criticized in the Rwandan press and by other parliamentarians.
Huye Prime Minister Bernard Makuza has commended the Anglican Church and other religious organizations for their role in the.
Prime Minister Bernard Makuza is the head of government for Rwanda.
Rwanda’s Prime Minister Bernard Makuza said coverage in Rwanda is still way below 10 per cent and that most of the Rwandan population is in the informal.
Prime Minister Bernard Makuza received the award on behalf of Rwandans, Friday at Kigali Serena Hotel, from URI Africa Regional Director, Ambassador Mussie.
to the Republic of Burundi and to Germany.
Rwandan Prime Minister Bernard Makuza said on Jan 22 that Rwanda would stick to its "One China" stance.
Makuza is not active within the MDR, said Twagiramungu, who now leads the Union des forces democratiques rwandaises (UFDR) from his exile in Belgium.
Makuza was referring to former Rwandan prime minister Jean Kambanda, Obed Ruzindana and Omar Serushago, who were convicted ofgenocide and other crimes against humanity by the Arusha-based UN Tribunal.
Makuza said he acknowledges the rights of prisoners to minimum basics of life but wondered how inmates convicted of genocide could be allowed to exercise civil and political rights, moreover,over an international broadcaster.
I can state that BERNARD MAKUZA has remained very quiet during the whole time.
Prime Minister Bernard Makuza has commended the Anglican Church and other religious organizations for their role in the country's development.
APA-Kigali (Rwanda) Rwanda Prime Minister Bernard Makuza has suspended the governing council of the Government Genocide Survivors Fund for alleged financial mismanagement and embezzlement, according to a press statement issued on Wednesday.
Prior to parliamentary elections held at the end of September, Makuza had been prime minister for four years.
A close ally of Kagame, Makuza was ambassador to Germany before his appointment as prime minister in 1999.
KIGALI CITY – The Prime minister, Honorable Bernard, Makuza has hailed the Global South church leaders for the urge to advocate peace and harmony across the world.