Minister of Cabinet Affairs Charles Murigande of Rwanda

Murigande was born in Butare, Rwanda.
Murigande was elected Secretary General of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), on February 15, 1998 and was reelected on December 23, 2002.
After more than five years as Foreign Minister, Murigande was moved to the position of Minister of Governmental Affairs in the government named on March 8, 2008.
During his academic life, Murigande has published several papers in international peer-reviewed Scientific Journals.
Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Charles Murigande said that the fact that France does not have an extradition treaty with Rwanda should not bar the extraditions.
Speaking during a town hall meeting yesterday, Foreign Affairs minister Dr Charles Murigande said the exercise will be launched at Parliamentary in Kimihurura.
Murigande described the suggestion that ex-FAR/Interahamwe (FDLR rebels) would disarm voluntarily as a fantasy.
Murigande said the government was still examining the action plan and would state its position in a written response to DRC government.
Murigande said diplomatic relations between the two countries could improve in the future.
In the early 1970s, a teenage Murigande was struggling through a makeshift secondary school in neighboring Burundi, the son of Rwandan refugees.
Having fled the country thanks to government-sanctioned pogroms, Murigande had no Rwandan passport and traveled on a United Nations document issued to refugees.
Mr Murigande says the world owes Rwanda an apology.
ABUJA, Jan 28 (AFP) - Rwanda continues to be threatened by Hutu rebels in eastern DR Congo, Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande said here on the sidelines of an African Union (AU) meeting.
Murigande said that he believed his visit to the Congo would "help to resolve the situation" of insecurity in the eastern part of the Congo.
Murigande said he is pleased his country is involved in the continental effort.
Speaking by telephone, Murigande said "the international community has given US the assurance that it will tackle the problem of the ex-FAR and the Interahamwe.
Murigande said that this year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Rwanda-China diplomatic relations.
The Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande said in the Rwandan capital, Kigali “We have recalled our ambassador to Paris, we don't see why he should be there at this point”, adding that Kigali had not yet decided whether to send the envoy back.
Murigande said that further areas of interaction between officials of the two governments would include decentralization, communication and energy, taxation, unity and reconciliation as well as women empowerment.
Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande said he would look at the request but would demand guarantees on how the case would be handled if and when it moves to Belgium.
We are willing to study that option," Murigande said Tuesday.
Charles Murigande is Rwanda¡¯s foreign minister.
Murigande said Rwanda would still pursue justice for the victims of the genocide.
com/Reuters) - France must acknowledge it played a role in Rwandas 1994 genocide and apologise to Kigali if it wants to resume ties with the tiny central African state, Rwandan Foreign Minister Charles Murigande has said.
Murigande said France should "acknowledge their role in the genocide and apologise.
Murigande was responding to a question by a Member of Parliament, Henrietta Mukamurangwa, who had sought to know when the Kenyan government would arrest Kabuga for prosecution.
Murigande said Kamali was a senior member of the former ruling party, which is largely blamed for orchestrating the 100-day genocide.
Murigande says unless African countries adopt anti-corruption policies, the democratization process on the continent will falter and economic transformations will slow.
Murigande says anti-corruption policy begins with leaders and the formation of enforcement institutions.
When asked about the Hands for Hope project, which has been running in some of the country’s primary schools, Dr Murigande was very supportive.