Minister of State for Community Development and Social Affairs in the Minister of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development, and Social Affairs Christine Nyatanyi of Rwanda

State Minister Nyatanyi was not available for comment as her phone was being picked by her secretary  the whole of yesterday.
Officiating at the conference organized by the department of political affairs of the AU commission, the Rwandan State Minister for Social Development, Christine Nyatanyi said ratifying the charter is giving power back to the people.
Nyatanyi was accompanied by Eraste Kabera, the governor of the southern region, who encouraged the residents to desist from engaging in farming activities instead of wasting time running away to self-imposed exile.
Several other MPs who voted against the idea of summoning Nyatanyi said the minister told the commission members the general governments policy on survivors, and that the fact that there were discrepancies with what was later found on the ground did not make her a liar.
Nyatanyi is the State Minister for Communal Development and Social Welfare in the Ministry of Local government, but though FARG, an association that falls under her Ministry and which (to most) is supposed to help survivors, yet Nyatanyi is the least informed about the fund (FARG), this has done a lot in contributing to the suffering of these (survivors) people.
What most people who have read the report about FARG have actually failed to determine is whether Nyatanyi is indeed not informed about FARG or if (like some people), she has chosen to ignore the weak and vulnerable.
On education, Nyatanyi said that there is no problem with school fees for students under FARG.
On the issue of orphans who complete A-level education and fail to get government scholarships to pursue university education, Nyatanyi is quoted by the report as having said that the students are given projects that help them attain a normal livelihood.