Minister of State for HIV/AIDS and Other Epidemics, Minister of Health Innocent Nyaruhirira of Rwanda

Nyaruhirira said the vaccination effort was part of a global strategy aimed at reducing deaths from measles.
Nyaruhirira said Monday that this rapid response from Kigali is aimed at encouraging the population to become more vigilant and to report any cases immediately, if identified.
Nyaruhirira has visited the team Monday to assess the progress.
Rwandan Health Minister Innocent Nyaruhirira said the voluntary campaign first will target soldiers, police officers, and university students.
Innocent Nyaruhirira is the Minister of State for the Ministry of Health responsible for HIV/AIDS and related diseases.
Nyaruhirira was Director of the Central Hospital of Kigali, and Head of the Department of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Butare.
Nyaruhirira received his medical degree from the University of Burundi.
Rwandans living along the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border are safe from the deadly Ebola virus, State Minister in charge of HIV/AIDS and other Infectious Diseases, Innocent Nyaruhirira has said.
Nyaruhirira said that health officials are pleased indoor spraying will be an "addition to our many solutions" to controlling the spread of malaria.
Nyaruhirira says Rwanda is upgrading facilities to perform circumcisions.
Nyaruhirira says more health workers will be trained to perform circumcision.
Nyaruhirira said that between 10 percent and 13 percent of Rwanda’s 8.
Launching the new drug, State Minister for HIV/AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases Innocent Nyaruhirira said Coartem is 96% effective.
However, WHO does not indicate that DDT is hazardous for humans, Nyaruhirira said (Gahigana, New Times , 10/5.
We cant just accept such declaration without confirmation from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Nyaruhirira said Some of the control measures government announced include screening of travellers from DRC at various entry border posts into Rwanda.
However, Dr Nyaruhirira said the government is still up with restrictions on those who enter into Congo and those from there especially the affected areas of Western Kasai province.
Nyaruhirira said that Rwanda made the decision to launch the campaign "from a statistical point of view," adding, "It is a fact that men who are circumcised are 60% more likely to be protected against HIV during sexual intercourse.
Innocent NYARUHIRIRA is Minister of State in the Ministry of Health in charge of HIV/AIDS and other epidemics.
Dr NYARUHIRIRA has constantly been dedicated to the community services and continues to operate and lecture while holding his post as Minister of State.
NYARUHIRIRA received his medical degree at the University of Burundi, and received specialized licenses in general surgery, orthopedics, and trauma surgery at the Free University of Brussels.
Nyaruhirira said measures had been put in place to contain the disease, including provision of clean water and messages broadcast on national radio calling on people to observe cleanliness.
Innocent Nyaruhirira is the Executive Chairman of King Faisal Hospital in Kigali Rwanda.
Nyaruhirira received his medical degree at the University of Burundi, and received specialized degrees in general surgery, orthopedics, and trauma surgery at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium.