Minister of Finance and Economic Planning James Musoni of Rwanda

The statement I gave concerns the background of that tender, Musoni said during an exclusive interview.
Minister Musoni has never been questioned about that case, he passionately told this reporter both face to face at his office in Kacyiru and later on phone.
During the interview, Musoni said that the genesis of the now controversial deal dates way back in the early months of 2006.
Musoni had not briefed Cabinet about the intentions to acquire fuel from a Kenya firm.
Musoni joined Cabinet on June 8, 2005 as State minister for Industry and Investment Promotion after a long stint at Rwanda Revenue Authority as Commissioner General.
Musoni said inflation had moved above 7.
exchange, was now likely to happen in April next year.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " CAPE TOWN, June 5 (Reuters) - Rwanda's economic growth is forecast to reach 7 percent in 2008, on the back of strong service and agricultural sector expansion, Finance Minister James Musoni said on Thursday.
Reacting on the problem of medium income earners who find it difficult to benefit from the services of the bank, Musoni said that this is mainly due to the requisite 30 % deposit that people are required to have with the bank to qualify as a prospective beneficiary.
Musoni said institutions must change and get restructured for them to become relevant in the market place.
This according to Mr Musoni was to increase the robustness and resilience of banks in Rwanda.
Kigali — The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, James Musoni has assured lawmakers that the recent suspension of financial aid to Rwanda by the Netherlands and Sweden will not affect the economic operation's of the country in any way.
All Africa reports, Finance and Economic Planning minister James Musoni has called on district mayors to embrace job creation as a way of solving problems affecting the people they lead.
Musoni was speaking yesterday at Kigali Serena Hotel during an evaluation workshop of performance contracts signed by district mayors.
Finance minister James Musoni said part of the money goes to budget support and the rest is injected into other priority areas.
Rwandan Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, James Musoni has called on African sates to exercise caution over the effectiveness of foreign aid ahead of the High-Level Forum in Accra, Ghana, early September.
8 per cent in real terms this year, however, Musoni said that based on the first half of 2008 where agriculture registered strong performance of over 16 per cent and 19 per cent in season A (November 2007-January 2008) and Season B (May-July2008) respectively, growth is projected to be 8.
Minister Musoni expressed his confidence on performance targets which highlights Rwanda's strides towards attainment of MDGs though he said major challenge was improving livelihoods through economic development and halting malnutrition among children.
operator MTN Rwanda, a unit of South Africa's MTN (MTNJ.
As a former head of the internal revenue collection body, Musoni is credited with improving transparency and doubling Rwandas tax revenues.