Minister of Infrastructure Linda Bihire of Rwanda

Bihire takes over the ministry of infrastructure, succeeding Ambassador Stanislas Kamanzi.
Thoneste Mutsindashyaka, 45, is the new minister in charge of primary and secondary education.
But the Government of Rwanda is ready to play its part to see it through," Bihire said during the interview at her office.
Underscoring that this will be the country's biggest project ever, Bihire said it is expected to be realised through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP.
Echoing that, his counterpart, Rwanda�s Infrastructure minister Eng Linda Bihire said his country had also been hard hit by delays in cargo clearance at the port.
I am delighted to learn that Hashi Empex has shown confidence in the economy of Rwanda and they are in the process of building a terminal, Rwandas minister for infrastructure, Linda Bihire said in Kigali.
water resource management manual and commercial policies and procedures manualThe signing of the agreement was witnessed by the Rwandan minister for infrastracture, Eng Linda Bihire and her Ugandan counterpart for water and environment Jennifer NamiyanguSpeaking after the signing of the cooperation agreement,Bihire said that it was a great opportunity for both countries to share skills for development.
Last month, Infrastructure Minister Linda Bihire said that construction will probably kick-off by the end 2009.
Ms Bihire has until this time, been living in the UK.
As a measure of how out of touch she is with her motherland, Bihire had so much difficulty reading her oath of office written in the native Kinyarwanda that her swearing in had to be switched to English.
Is it not kindergarten reasoning to think that MS Bihire is not competent to be a minister simply because she cannot speak her local language fluently.
Whoever wrote about Ingineer Bihire is politically wrong and historically backward.
Bihire is a qualified ingineer and actually, she was one of the Rwandans doing good jobs in London.
Linda Bihire said this during their official tour at the Dar es Salaam port that the port was now nagging at government and commerce in the two countries, and were hoping that things could be rectified this side of the matter.
Bihire said the National Urban Forum would act as an efficient mechanism for the implementation of recommendations made last year at the national conference on Poverty Reduction and Good Governance through Sustainable Urban Development in Rwanda.