Minister of Trade and Industry Monique Nsanzabaganwa of Rwanda

Kigali Women entrepreneurs should join hands in order to have a focused and strong private sector, the Minister for Commerce, Monique Nsanzabaganwa has said.
Monique Nsanzabaganwa said residents were better placed to gauge security threats to their neighbors than law-enforcement organs which are often distant from the grassroots.
As one of the measures to curb imported inflation, Nsanzabaganwa said that the competition policy which was already in draft form was yet to be implemented and would deal with "the market distortion causing inflation.
In reaction to the unstable commodity prices, Nsanzabaganwa said that a study to establish a price structure of sensitive products is to be carried out and will lead to price stability of some of the crucial household items.
The dealers were complaining but we didn’t want to believe in what they were saying without doing our own investigations,” Nsanzabaganwa said of the ministry’s mission to Kenya that recommended government to consider the suppliers’ complaints.
From 1994 Rwanda embarked on a clear growth with an annual growth rate of 4% recorded in 2004, the country is on schedule to meet its vision 2020 development framework.
Nsanzabaganwa said that the billion-debt relief was good news to the ministry and the country as it was a sign of the good work that the government has done after the old regimes that were characterised by high inflationary tendencies, debts, low GDP and unstable political ground.
Kigali, April 18 (RNA) - Severe sugar shortages in the country are to be supplemented with imports from Egypt as part of the strategy to cut prices as well, the Commerce and Trade Minister Monique Nsanzabaganwa has announced.
Minister Nsanzabaganwa said food prices have rocketed worldwide as result of rising demand, soaring oil prices and the ravages of climate change that are putting food beyond the reach of millions of people.
Nsanzabaganwa said government would soon set price ceilings on certain foods that should not be abused by business people.
Nsanzabaganwa said the crackdown aims at protecting both the traders' interests because their business will be registered and it ensures that the law is respected for each and every citizen's good.