Minister of Local Government, Good Governance, Community Development, and Social Affairs Protais Musoni of Rwanda

Protais Musoni has urged leaders in Kigali City to collectively work towards involving their subordinates in decision-making processes as a strategy towards improving their lives.
we should involve them in solving these problems, Musoni said attracting a big applause from over two thousand leaders from Kigali Province.
Asked if the validation would leave FARG a clean organ, Minister Musoni said that the process will help them identify the problems, their causes and the people involved.
Asked how far the initiative had gone, Musoni said that the plans were still underway and the bill establishing the new body is in parliament awaiting approval.
prevent an early start to voting on the first day of the polls.
Local Government Minister, Protais Musoni expressed confidence that necessary mechanisms would follow suit to make the treaty applicable.
Rwanda Local government minister Protais Musoni has said that Rwandan refugees in Uganda will soon be repatriated after the two countries agreed that no more refugees should seek political asylum in either country.
Addressing the press after returning from a sensitisation campaign in Tooro and Nakivale refugee camps in Uganda, Musoni said that officials from both countries had agreed that peace was prevalent in Rwanda and that the refugees return home.
Some refugees are willingly returning home, ignoring rumours from people with personal interests," Musoni said adding: "We need them to come back home and contribute to the development of the country.
However, Musoni said the repatriation was done in the presence of UNHCR officials, and that these officials had acknowledged that the exercise was being conducted voluntarily after a sensitisation campaign by government officials and the local population.
Musoni said the UNHCR had considered the Rwandans as asylum seekers when they were fugitives fleeing justice in the country's Gacaca courts - a justice system Rwanda introduced to expedite trials for those suspected of involvement in the 1994 genocide.
At the same time, Musoni said the Rwandan government would transport the relatives, friends and neighbours of Rwandans who remained in Burundi, in a bid to sensitise them to return home.
Regarding some 7,000 Burundians in Rwanda, who the two government also declared to be illegal immigrants, Musoni said he would encourage them to return home if Burundian authorities came to persuade them to leave Rwanda.
Emergency teams swung in immediately and thanks to the Rwanda Defense Force which readily availed helicopters that airlifted the critically injured to Kigali, the minister of local government Protais Musoni said by phone last evening.
Musoni said that a team from the disaster preparedness unit is already on the ground to asses the damage.
Musoni said while in Burundi, Kagame will also meet the business community and several institutions and later the Rwandan community in Burundi.
But Musoni was optimistic that the standoff would be resolved after the Monday meeting with the complainants, which will be followed by a public meeting with all residents of Gabiro District and provincial leaders.
KIGALI - The Minister of Local Government Protais Musoni has urged all Rwandans to embrace Itorero ryÂ’Igihugu (a cultural education programme) in a bid to foster unity and sustainable peace.
Musoni said that Itorero is a culture-based platform based through which people solve their problems, promoting national unity and executing all government development programmes at all levels.
Musoni said he had been informed that most of those who had fled might have been recruited into rebel ranks, although he did not specify which.
Musoni said that in the traditional system, the 70,000 suspects who have admitted guilt will be tried first for reduced punishment ranging from community service to up to 25 years in jail.
Musoni said that the provincial governor was at the scene and that the police and army were helping with rescue efforts.
Musoni expressed optimism that the charter will provide strong ingredients for good governance, sustainable peace and social development in Africa.
Rwandan minister Musoni said that the provincial governor was on site and that the police and army were helping with rescue operations.