Minister of Natural Resources Stanislas Kamanzi of Rwanda

Ambassador Kamanzi said that the international community is required to help, and that they are the ones to blame for genocide, and for leaving the crisis up to the African countries.
Kamanzi says that the relationship with BNSF is very beneficial and assists them in the guiding and execution of their planning.
Minster of Infastructure Stanislas Kamanzi says the relationship with BNSF has been very beneficial in assisting their guiding and execution of the new rail plans.
Kamanzi was appointed Ambassador to France in 1999.
Kamanzi was sub-Prefect of the Kinihara Sous-Prefecture (Byumba Demilitarized Zone.
Kamanzi received his masters degree in environment and development from the University of Natal-South Africa, with specialty courses in geographic information systems (GIS) and water resource management.