Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education in the Minister of Education Theoneste Mutsindashyaka of Rwanda

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Mutsindashyaka was mayor of Kigali City for five years.
Theoneste Mutsindashyaka was the chief guest of honor and he is the one received books.
Mutsindashyaka said this necessitated an immediate de-stocking exercise.
Mutsindashyaka said they have secured a market of about seven containers of around 154 cows each to be shipped to Gabon and Angola among other countries.
While the ministry hopes for all schools to make use of e-learning, details remain sketchy, as Mutsindashyaka was tight-lipped regarding the deal with OLPC and its cost.
Mutsindashyaka said that schools have already started conducting lessons in English and current research done by the Ministry of Education shows that the children have already coped and can fluently speak the language.
Now the West has admitted far more took place in the Central African country, Mutsindashyaka is urging the developed world play a far more active role in rebuilding Rwanda.
Mutsindashyaka said he was willing to okay the demonstration at a later date.
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Mutsindashyaka said workers at the centres will teach birth control, AIDS prevention, nutrition and perhaps most importantly, tolerance.