Minister of State for Industry and Investment Promotion in the Minister of Trade and Industry Vincent Karega of Rwanda

Karega was speaking at a function to celebrate the International Mining Day that took place at Serena Hotel, Kigali.
Karega said that in the last three years Rwanda mining sector has registered high growth that translated into increased exports and job opportunities.
However, Karega said that there is serious need to revamp the sector by repackaging the policies and support programmes in the sector.
Karega said that a consensus has been reached between local fuel dealers to effect the decision without compromising their business.
Meanwhile, Karega said that already three companies from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have shown interest in investing in fuel, pledging to construct reservoirs in partnership with local investors.
Rwandas economic transformation is on course and we believe it is healthy now to invest in Rwanda, Karega was reported to have told the media in a pre-conference meeting in Kigali.
Karega says the country is proving increasingly attractive to growing numbers of Chinese investors, keen to enter the burgeoning markets of Africa.
Karega says Chinese investors are particularly suited to areas involving added value, such as the coffee and tea sectors, and he looks forward to what he calls a "win-win situation" with China and the rest of the world, based on fair trade among regional economic blocs that see each other as partners, not competitors.
Karega was speaking at a function to.
Karega said if Qatar supports Rwanda in heavy infrastructure like airports and exploitation of energy potential, then it can also supply them with food items including organic foods, coffee, tea, meats and diary products as well as semi-finished products like essential oils.
Karega said Rwanda applied to join the Commonwealth group to help improve its market base, and to attract investors into its sectors especially mining, agriculture, tourism, ICT, banking, transport and infrastructure.
Karega said Rwanda would easily export flowers, coffee, tea, ICT products and fruits and vegetables to the Commonwealth countries soon after it is granted membership.
Karega said RwandaÂ’s economy was still a virgin across.
KIGALI, RWANDA, JUNE 14, 2007 Minister of State Vincent Karega met with small-scale coffee growers and TechnoServe staff members in Muhanga District today to learn how a coffee initiative is helping coffee farmers produce specialty coffee for the first time.
Vincent Karega says that Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda may try to remove almost two thirds of their import tariffs in the next two years.
Vincent Karega said the report was a welcome development but ignored other crucial elements such as the stability of the country, the vigorous campaign against graft and reforms put in place to facilitate women involvement in business.
Minister Vincent Karega said Rwanda is 'not going to rest' with this 2009 survey as it has more reforms in the pipeline very soon.
Karega said the government was determined to start mineral processing, thereby capitalising on profits gained from turning the raw materials into finished products.
Karega said most are exploring for platinum, nickel, gold, cobalt and gemstones such as sapphire, topaz and amethyst.
Karega says Rwanda is emerging as a producer of specialty coffee for the high-end market and already is selling to the Starbucks coffee chain in the United States.