Ambassador to the US Zac Nsenga of Rwanda

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Now Madamu Nsenga is caught in the limbo of not being able to return to the UK.
Zac Nsenga was the Rwandan ambassador in Washington,” says Professor Jean-Marie Vianney Higiro, former director of the Rwandan Information Office (ORINFOR.
Nsenga was in charge of that camp.
Nsenga was also Ambassador to Israel (1995-1996) and the UK.
claim that Major Zac Nsenga has played an active role in hunting down critics and legitimate refugees and having them arrested as fugitives from justice and, of course, branded as genocidaires.
Nsenga is known to be very close to former Ambassador Andrew Young, the Kagame regime’s number one public relations agent whose PR consulting firm Goodworks International whitewashes the regime and its major corporate allies and partners.
community should forgive the debts of poor nations.
Nsenga is the Rwanda Ambassador for the United States.
Nsenga is focused on the rebuilding and reconciliation of his country.
Nsenga has formerly served as ambassador to Israel, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordic Countries.
Nsenga is to increase student awareness of the impact of the genocide in Rwanda, to make them understand the life people live in the country and give them the firsthand experience of listening to Nsenga, who has played such a large part in the implementation of democracy in Rwanda,” he said.
Nsenga discussed paying attention to small farmers by using the example of coffee growers.
Nsenga said the Rwandan government has designed a system of prevention, treatment and care to combat the disease.
Biography of Ambassador Zac NsengaAmbassador Zac Nsenga was born in 1958 in Rwanda.
Ambassador Nsenga is married with 3 children.
Ambassador Nsenga is leaving Washington to take a position with the Defense Ministry in his country where he will continue to be involved in counter-terrorism.
Nsenga is also the former secretary general to the Rwandan Internal Security Ministry, where he headed up Rwanda's police and prison services in the post-genocide government.
Zac Nsenga is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Rwanda to the United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.
Nsenga says now every Rwandan is a first-class citizen.
Ambassador Nsenga says all children go to schools; there is no discrimination.
If the leadership in country X is behind the genocide, it happens.
Nsenga says that because the country’s economic recovery in itself is not big news, many of the country’s accomplishments since the genocide are overlooked.
Nsenga was born in Byumba, Rwanda on the 22nd December, 1958.
Nsenga is the former Ambassador to Israel, United Kingdom, Nordic Countries & Ireland.
Nsenga is the current Ambassador to Washington.