Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Cedric Roy Liburd of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Active in the community, Minister Liburd is a devoted member of St.
Kitts-Nevis and Anguilla, Cedric Liburd was elected to Parliament in LabourĀ¹s sweeping 1995 victory.
For his community involvement and ministerial successes, Cedric Liburd was acclaimed "The Action Minister" and named Man of the Year by the Leeward Times in 1999.
Re-elected in Labour's All-8 triumph in 2000, Cedric Liburd was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Co-operatives, Lands and Housing, and a member of the team that negotiated the relocation of Caribbean Star Airlines headquarters to St.
In 2004, Cedric Liburd was re-elected to serve his third consecutive term as Parliamentary Representative for St.
St Kitts and Nevis Minister for Agriculture Cedric Roy Liburd is also in the visiting party.