Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Allen Chastanet of Saint Lucia

Chastanet was among persons from outside the political arena selected to serve in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Sir John Compton’s whose United Workers Party swept the St Lucia Labour Party from office in the December 11 General Election.
Marketing, Worldwide leading Air Jamaica’s global marketing and sales strategy.
newest boutique property in Rodney Bay, St.
While striving to create the ideal setting, Chastanet says he is also strong on customer service in his quest to make the Coco Palm the perfect vacation destination.
The name Allen Chastanet has become a household word in Barbados and around the Caribbean.
opportunity, good business practice and success.
Chastanet was singing a different tune to that of our very own tourism Minister and Deputy prime minister on the handling of CWC.
Chastanet says he hopes to bring more recognition to tourism and the role the industry plays in the development of communities.
Lucia's Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Senator Allen Chastanet says he is honored to have been selected as one of five honorees of Counterpart International's World Leadership Awards, an accolade which he hopes will bring more recognition to tourism and the role the industry plays in the development of communities.
St Lucias Tourism Minister Allen Chastanet says an inter-island fast ferry service could carry more passengers and cargo at affordable fares.
Lucia's Tourism Minister Allen Chastanet has called for the introduction of a viable fast ferry service to meet the transportation needs of the region.
Chastanet said that he believed the future of the transportation sector in the region was dependent more on sea travel than air, as flying was proving too expensive for Caribbean people.
Now that he has returned, Chastanet is upbeat, not only about his property, but by the decision of Rodney Bay restaurateurs and hoteliers to brand the area as Rodney Bay Village and expose its varied attractions to international audiences through media and travel and tourism partners.
Chastanet is of the opinion that in order for tourism to be successful, it has to be a joint venture between private and public sector.
Chastanet is very clear that the only way to maximise the return from the cruise ship industry is through a regional approach.
October 3rd, 2007CTO Chair Pre-dicts High-Spending Canadian TouristCaribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Chairman Allen Chastanet is predicting a future that will include higher-end vacations to the Caribbean for more Canadian visitors, based on what he referred to as Canada’s “soaring” dollar value.
Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Chairman Allen Chastanet is predicting a future that will include higher-end vacations to the Caribbean for more Canadian visitors, based on what he referred to as Canadas "soaring" dollar value.
Chastanet said the event was a good way to show off some of what the Caribbean has to offer.
Chastanet said the first Caribbean Week in Toronto was only a taste of what CTO would be like in the future.
Chastanet said the Caribbean is already seeing more air charters than at any other time from Canada.
Mr Chastanet has drawn his line in the sand.
Lucia, where he was credited with bringing the island to the fore of the Caribbean's tourism industry, Chastanet is the Second Vice President of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) and currently serves as Chairman of CHA's Advocacy Committee.
Citing the success of the development of steel pan in St Lucia, Chastanet said with good venues, production and the support of St Lucians, it will be a major event for St Lucians at home and abroad.
Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) Allen Chastanet is warning that unless crucial decisions were taken in the interest of developing regional tourism that sector would continue to lose market share and fall further behind the global competition.
Allen Chastanet says taxes applied to imported fish especially those imported out of the region make the good too expensive for hotels.
Chastanet says it will be used to market Saint Lucia as a destination.
Chastanet said the opportunities to truly embrace tourism within the Caribbean have not been seized, and while world tourism grew by nearly seven per cent in 2007, this region grew by two per cent, while market share dwindled from 4.
Mr Chastanet said that it is anticipated "a very strong action plan" will be in place coming out of that meeting to be presented to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government meeting in Antigua next month.
Whether we like it or not, we're all intrinsically tied," Chastanet said Saturday in an interview at the trade organization's 30th annual conference in San Juan.
The trade group plans to replace the government tourism ministers who now sit on its board with marketing professionals — an overhaul that Chastanet said would likely win board approval at a meeting Sunday and will allow for a broader regional emphasis.
It normally seats about 15000, Chastanet said of Beausejour Cricket Stadium.
Now that Allen Chastanet has resigned from his post as vice-president for marketing and sales of Air Jamaica, it is expected that he will be returning to St Lucia to pursue personal and family business interests in the hospitality industry.
The waters near Soufrire are considered the best for diving, and Anse Chastanet is currently the island's top resort in the south for active travelers.
Anse Chastanet is a technology-free getaway resort (think wake-up knocks instead of wake-up calls) with 49 three-walled rooms.
Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) chairman Allen Chastanet says despite conditions in the international travel market favouring growth, the Caribbean's share of the world market is in decline.
In an address to the opening of the 11th annual Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Investment conference at the World Trade Center in Willemstad, Curaçao Tuesday, Chastanet said the region still represented only 7.
airing on North American television networks this week.
In an interview with the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), Chastanet said while the Caribbean had not yet started to feel the full effect of the United States recession, “worse could be coming, as advanced bookings from April 2009 onward are down by 30 to 50 per cent.
Chastanet said that tourism officials here were currently meeting with the Ministry of Finance to determine what could be done to reduce their operating costs, so as to give them a fighting chance.
Chastanet said the Caribbean has squandered its opportunities and is now facing a crisis in the tourism sector as spiralling oil prices threaten to cut off the region’s air links with the rest of the world.
Asked what measures regional governments will put in place to deal with the tourism crisis, Chastanet said the first issue was increasing demand.
On the issue of the threat to the air bridge posed by increasingly adverse conditions in the world aviation market, Chastanet said the issue of airline subsidies has to be re-considered.