Minister for Labor, Information, and Broadcasting Edmund Estaphane of Saint Lucia

Estaphane says he was leaving the government parking lot around 10:00 PM when officer, driving in a marked vehicle, pulled him over.
the staff can take the ministry to a higher level of efficiency.
Former Minister of Health Edmund Estaphane has been sworn in as the new Minister of Labour, Information and Broadcasting, while former Minister of National Mobilisation Dr Keith Mondesir is now responsible for the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Family Affairs, National Mobilisation, Human Services and Gender Relations.
When Estaphane was Minister of Health he was virtually a minister of silence, having made not a single pronouncement on his plans for that sector, and now to burden the labour environment with someone who has had little exposure with issues of labour relations has to be shortsighted," he said.
Lucia, CMC - Labour Minister Edmund Estaphane said his government will not be rushed into implementing the controversial Labour Code, but will continue a process of consultation on the revised legislation.
Lucia Employers Federation, Estaphane said he would continue to meet with employers and trade unions to prepare for the review of the code and would not be rushed into enacting the legislation until all parties were satisfied that it had been thoroughly reviewed.