Minister for Health Wellness, Family Affairs, National Mobilization, Human Services, and Gender Relations Keith Mondesir of Saint Lucia

Born 23 January 1948, Keith Mondesir is a Saint Lucian politician who represents the constituency of Anse la Raye-Canaries for the United Workers Party.
Mondesir is a former Optometrist in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Worse, was the fact that from all we are being told Mondesir was present at every Cabinet meeting where his concessions were being discussed! This is contrary to every protocol; contrary to the very tenet of good governance and is certainly not in keeping with the transparency promised US by the government.
As if to rub salt in the nation’s collective wound, Guy Joseph tells US, on national television no less, that Mondesir was able to sit in cabinet and convince his colleagues that the two properties are the same.
So again, we are being told that Mondesir was present when matters concerning his application were discussed.
If Mondesir says his residence in Bonne Terre is part of Tuxedo villas, I’d really like to know where he lives now.
Julian Modeste, insurance agent, Morne Fortune: It might be a far stretch but what if Keith Mondesir is telling the truth? Highly unlikely; that sounded stupid just being said out loud.
That was a very careless statement and if Mondesir is found to be lying then Chastanet is going to pay too.
Why doesn’t a representative from customs come out and tell people what’s really going on? Disregarding the fact that Keith Mondesir is a government minister, he’s a hotel owner.
Keith Mondesir was recently named as the first Caribbean Optometrist of the Year 2008.
Keith Mondesir is sending three top cops on leave amid media.
Email To FriendPrint VersionCASTRIES, St Lucia: Sir John Compton who is still ill remains as The Prime Minister of St Lucia, Minister of External Affairs, Rufus Bousquet has been sacked from the Sir John Compton-led administration while DrKeith Mondesir has been transferred from his previous portfolio.
Keith Mondesir is taking some extraordinary steps to prove that he is what he claims to be.
Mondesir says he was chalking up the brouhaha as ignorance, but he wants those questions to be put to bed once and for all.
Mondesir says he is having the information sent directly to the media since he does not want to be accused of doctoring information.
Anse-La-Raye/ canaries Mp Dr Keith Mondesir is seeking technical assistance to aid in the growth of an industrial park in Roseau.
In news from St Lucia, the Prime Minister Sir John Compton has fired his Foreign Affairs Minister Rufus Bousquet while another senior minister Dr Keith Mondesir has been transferred from his portfolio as Head of National Security.
Mondesir is the second government minister to come under investigation by Customs.
A hardworking man of vision, he was “good at seeing the invisible,” Mondesir said of John George Melvin Compton, who led Saint Lucia into independence and development with an emphasis on education.
position by Prime Minister Compton.
Keith Mondesir says the nearly two year delay in the construction was well worth the wait.
By Toni NicholasKeith Mondesir has not had much luck in finding many things to be proud of or even smile about in his rocky political career which started here a few years ago.
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