Minister for Social Transformation, Public Service, Human Resource Development, Youth, and Sports Lenard Montoute of Saint Lucia

Born June 30 1962, Lenard Spider Montoute is a Saint Lucian politician who represents the constituency of Gros Islet for the United Workers Party (UWP.
Montoute is also deputy leader of the United Workers Party and is considered a top contender for the leadership of the party although he is also considered a political novice.
Montoute was sworn in as Minister for Social Transformation, Human Services, Family Affairs, Youth and Sports on 19 December 2006 as part of the government of Prime Minister John Compton following the UWP electoral victory.
Acting Prime Minister Lenard Montoute has asked for more information about the allegations.
Montoute is one of two cabinet members that have expressed public support for Dauvergne.
In fact Montoute says the call for the ministers resignation is an opposition party ploy.
Social Transformation Minister Lenard Montoute says his Ministry has this situation under control.
Montoute says a number of the issues raised by the employees are presently being addressed.
Montoute says a recently appointed Management committee will provide Government with suggestions on the restructuring of the Centre.
Sports minister Lenard Montoute says this event can make a difference in the lives of the participants.
cheque in the amount of ten thousand Canadian dollars.
CASTRIES, St Lucia Acting Prime Minister Lenard Montoute says Cabinet has requested a medical report regarding the health of Prime Minister Sir John Compton, who suffered a series of minor strokes earlier this month.
Montoute said that King, in his position as Acting Prime Minister, had been given the mandate by Cabinet to solicit the medical report.
Montoute said that if Sir John declared himself incapable of running the government that came to office following last December's general election, it was likely that his successor would seek a fresh mandate from the population.
meets the demands of the sporting spectacle.
Lucia, CMC – Government member Lenard Montoute says the Opposition St.
Montoute is back on island and he has indicated that Sir Johnhad some difficulty with his speech and he had to be assisted by someone with his walking but, nevertheless, the Prime Minister has called on St Lucians to rally together for the sake of the nation during his absence.
Montoute was bid farewell at the Havana"s Jose Marti International Airport by INDER vice president Alberto Juantorena.