Ambassador to the US Sonia Johnny of Saint Lucia

Johnny remained at the helm of this Committee for eight years and has been commended by her peers for the yeoman service given to this Committee.
In fact, Johnny is known for her abiding interest and commitment to the welfare of young people in education, particularly those of the sub-region whom she has been quite active in assisting.
The recent grave situation in Haiti readily comes to mind when the name of Johnny is mentioned.
Johnny is best remembered for her shrewd negotiating skills and suave diplomacy as part of CARICOMs high-level fact-finding mission to Haiti; second to St Lucias then Minister of Foreign Affairs in the OAS/CARICOM joint mission to Haiti.
Beyond the ambit of the OAS, Johnny has been recognised and lauded for her work in diplomacy and has many awards to that effect from diverse organizations and groups, including womens groups in Washington, DC who have seen her as a strong advocate for the women of her region.
In 2006, in her tireless commitment to keeping CARICOM on the front burner of concerns and also fanning the flames of US/CARICOM relations, Johnny had the honour of addressing the Congressional Committee on the Western Hemisphere,on behalf of CARICOM.
In her new position, Johnny has pledged to continue the good fight in securing hard-won victories for her sub-region.
Johnny said as she referred to the problem of Caribbean produced cuisine in some instances lacking the authentic native flavour and presentation.